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Can you have more than 800 minutes on a tracfone?


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yes g to the website and it will show u cards that has 1000 minutes or less or more

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I called tracfone At 1-800-867-7183 talked to tech service and they walked me right through it. It took about 15 minutes and even transferred my minutes to the new phone. Fast and simple.

The number that you can call Tracfone is the following1-800-867-7183. Hope this helps!

The only number TracFone gives out is 1-800-867-7183. Good luck!

Yes, Walmart carries many of the TracFone wireless prepaid plans ranging from 60 minutes for $19.98, 120 minutes for $29.88, 200 minutes for $39.88, 450 minutes for $79.88, to a year's service and 400 minutes for $99.88, and a year's service, plus 800 minutes, plus double any other minutes added for $124.88.

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The TracFone / NET10 SIM Card is very unique. It can only be used in a phone sold by TracFone or NET10. Once a phone is activated the SIM Card is tied to the Serial Number of the phone. It can not be removed and placed in a different TracFone or NET10 phone. It has to stay with the phone it was originally activated in. The units/minutes are not stored on the SIM Card they are stored in the phone itself. The TracFone / NET10 SIM Card can not be used in any other GSM technology phone. TracFone and NET10 both have an elaborate database of all the phones they have ever sold in it. You can not activate a phone unless the Serial Number is in their database. If you purchase a phone that has not been properly scanned by a retailer you will not be able to activate it.=You can not change the SIM Card and activate a TracFone on the NET10 website and you can not change the SIM Card and activate a NET10 phone on the TracFone website. If you try you will be directed to the proper website for activation.==There are three types of SIM cards currently being used by TracFone and NET10 depending on the Zip Code you will be using the phone in the most. SIM cards with a part number ending in C4 are on the AT&T/Cingular network, cards ending in T5 are on the T-Mobile network and cards ending in D6 are on the Dobson network which was recently acquired by AT&T.==You do not have to buy a SIM Card for a TracFone or a NET10 phone. A replacement SIM Card will be sent to you FREE of charge if you request one. You can call TracFone Customer Service at 1-800-867-7183 or NET10 Customer Service at 1-877-836-2368 . When you call press 1 for English, press 4 when the first menu starts then press 5 when the second menu starts to talk to a Customer Service Representative. The replacement SIM Card will be shipped to you by Express Delivery.==Do not be fooled by eBay sellers claiming their TracFone / NET10 SIM Card includes 10 to 20 units/minutes. A TracFone / NET10 SIM Card does not include any units/minutes. A new or reconditioned TracFone or NET10 phone comes with Starter units/minutes when activated. This is done by the Serial Number of the new or reconditioned phone. It has nothing to do with the SIM Card.==Note: A TracFone SIM Card is used in both a TracFone and a NET10 phone. NET10 is considered to be the Frequent User Division of TracFone.=

No more than any other such number.

The terms of service when buying the card or bundle deal clearly says the Double Minutes for Life is good for the LIFE OF THE PHONE it was added to. So the answer according to their terms of service is clearly NO. However, if you have had the phone for a short period of time, then you can plead your case with customer service and they may transfer it. This does not effect your existing minutes you have on the phone. Those are always transferable so long as you maintain active service.... *By calling the TRACFONE Customer Care Center at 1-800-867-7183 you should be able to get them to let you transfer it. It not the first rep, thank them, hang up, try again. You'll get another person. I have personally transfered the double minutes I bought 2 years ago 3 times! Tracfone can be really great sometimes, give them a chance!

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There are 60 seconds in one minute.To work this out divide 48,000 by 60 to give the minutes.48,000 divided by 60 equals 800.Therefore there are 800 minutes is 48,000 seconds.

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