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Can you have period pain if your pregnant?

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yes. you can even have your period while youre pregnant

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The only way to be sure is to do a pregnancy test, but a late period and back pain does not mean you are pregnant.

yes you can. i had period pains about 12 weeks into my pregnancy. i am now 37 weeks pregnant.

im a month pregnant yes you can be pregnant and have your period symptoms but its not your period. when my period would come on i would have cramping and lower back pain. now that i am pregnant it feels the same way but a little more tense and i cant stand it

Your probably pregnant. Go to doctor they will help

Honestly i feel that this can happen during pregnantcy.

Yes, this is the sign of either pregnancy or your period, mainly period if you haven't started yet.

No. You wouldn't have any pain. You'd probably have dizziness or fainting after you miss your period.

You could be pregnant. Do you have any other symptoms and what do you mean abnormal period?

Continuous sex for 2 weeks after periods and still getting period signs usually get breast pain 1 week prior to periods but this time 2 weeks prior to period date got breast pain can you be pregnant?

i have no period for 4 months now and i have 2 negative test i get pain and flutters in my stomach can i be pregnant

If you had your period after unprotected sex then you are not pregnant. As regards to the symptoms it may just be the usual sickness that some women get during their period such as cramps, bloating and lower abdominal pain.

when you are pregnant you will not have a period every month because you will be pregnant and if some people ask why don't we have a perioud when we are pregnant that's it and there is a nother thing why you don't get a perioud when you are pregnant it hearts the baby in you you have to much pain and wait in you that you need more pain with the perioud i hope not. that's why you don't get a perioud when you are pregnant

no if you dont have your period your pregnant but if you do have a period you are most likely not pregnant

You cannot have your period and be pregnant.

if your pregnant you can not have your period!

Yes ... you can get pregnant: # before your period # during your period # after your period # PERIOD

Breast tenderness, yes. That usually also occur when you ovulate or get your period.

no if you miss a period you might be pregnant. if you have your period you are not.

If she gets her period, then she isn't pregnant. If you have sex while she is on her period then there is a chance she will get pregnant.

It is unlikely that you can get pregnant during your period. However, if you are pregnant, you period will cease after a month or so.

Yes you can get pregnant while on your period.

NO you have to have had your period to get pregnant

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