Can you have the model question papper for mca from sikkim manipal university please?

Reasons for the non provision of the old Question Papers to Students and Center: providing question papers has a great disadvantage in that it curbs the multi dimensional approach of the learner to the subjects. It is very important to let the learners have a wholesome approach to the subject wherein the learner grasps the subject given in the learning material by understanding the subject rather than by cramming the same by rote. Students are expected to adopt a learning-centric approach to the studies and are advised not to follow 'guide' pattern of answering. The strength of our evaluation process and the course is in generating the habit of self-analysis and comprehension by the students. Based on the learning materials and associated subject materials, you are advised to formulate number of questions in the pattern as per the sample questions and build up your notes.
This is the precise reason why our examinations are MCQ based and we do not provide the question papers.
What you need to do is: -
·While studying a subject, a student should visualize questions based on MCQ pattern. A Sample MCQ is available in the program guide. This process will enable the understanding of the subjects in question/answer form.
·A student should train himself/herself to answer the questions only when he/she has the knowledge. The strength of the MCQ system is that it fully covers almost all aspects of the subjects and enables an assessment of the knowledge of the student on a wholesome basis rather than selective basis. Secondly, because of negative marking system it does not leave scope for chance-taking while answering.
·The students are advised to develop the technique to attend MCQ pattern of the questions. Following points are pertinent:-
i) Attend only those questions for which they know the correct answer.
ii) Never take chance in answering questions when they do not know the same.
iii) Remember that, 25% marks are deducted for every wrong answer.
iv) If a question is left unattended, a student will loose marks only for that question.