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2006-08-16 00:59:36
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Q: Can you have two different cars insured by two different insurance companies?
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Can you have 2 different auto insurances on two different cars?

Yes you most certainly can. I am lucky enough to have four cars in my garage and they are all insured with different insurance companies

Do insurance companies pay for wrecked cars?

It can be said that insurance companies pay for cars after a wreck as long as you are fully insured. But when a person does get money from the insurance company it doesn't mean that they are buying it from you. The car will have to be taken to a car junk yard and you can sell it to them.

Do insurance companies offer antique car insurance?

Insurance companies do offer coverage for antique cars. There are also insurance companies that are specialized in insuring antique cars.

Where can someone find the cheapest insurance for classic cars?

One can contact several insurance companies and ask for their insurance prices for classic cars. One can compare the different prices to find the cheapest insurance for classic cars.

Why do you need to tell your insurance company that your teenager has a drivers license when you only have two cars and both are insured?

All persons who are going to be driving the "family' vehicles have to be on the policy. Insurance companies have a different criteria for insuring teenage drivers than they do for adults.

What cars are in insurance group 1-3?

Different countries and companies have different systems of rating insurance. You need to specify the country.

Can you insure different cars with different insurance companies?

Sure you can, although it may be cheaper to insure with the same company since most insurance companies offer multi car discounts.

If a uninsured car is parked and hit by an insured car will the insured cars insurance company pay for damages?

Only if the insured car was at fault.

Does a 16-year-old with a drivers permit need insurance?

Oddly enough, people aren't insured; cars are. Your son doesn't need insurance, but the cars he drives must be insured.

WHAT IS fleet insurance?

Fleet insurance is a type of insurance used when a person has more than 4 different vehicles to be insured. Some of the types of fleets covered are vans, cars, lorry, and taxi.

What are some companies that offer cheap travel insurance?

Out on a holiday? It's a smart idea to get insured. Some reliable and budget friendly travel insurance companies include Travel Guard, Travelex Insurance Services, and Travel Insured International. Travel Guard is lenient about cancellations, Travelex caters to those with pre-existing medical conditions, and Travel Insured International is best for those who rent cars and want high baggage coverage.

Where online could one purchase cheap car insurance from a company that specializes just in cars?

A person can purchase inexpensive car insurance from a company that specializes in cars only from a few different companies. Some of these companies include Safe Auto and Cars Direct.

What are the best auto companies for luxury cars?

Different auto insurance companies offer different quotes for all types of cars. A luxury car quote will depend on what type of coverage you want. Geico and Progressive offer great services for cars.

What companies are used to compare insurance rates for cars in California?

Some of the Companies that are used to compare Insurance rates for cars in California are Progressive and Edmunds. You can also find Insurance rates at Esurance for cars in California online.

Are you insured to drive other cars which are not insured?

You should double check with your insurance company to see how your policy is written, but usually your insurance would kick in as secondary coverage and you would be covered.

Do you need insurance with a learner's permit?

Yes. All cars on the road have to be insured. If you have a learners permit, then you need to be driving with someone who does have their license and is insured.

Can you get insured on your boyfriend's car if you do not live together but you use the car the most?

The owner of the vehicle buys the insurance -- for the vehicle. Cars are insured, not drivers.

Where can one find cheap insurance deals for cars?

Cheap insurance deals for cars can be found from companies such as GEICO and Esurance. These companies also offer comparisons to other car insurance dealers.

How many cars can you have on one insurance policy?

Insurance companies will be happy to insure as many cars as you want, as long as you are willing to pay the insurance premium.

Does State Farm Auto Insurance give premium discounts for having multiple cars insured with them?

State Farm does provide premium discounts for having multiple cars insured with them. As long as both cars are owned in the same household and both insured with State Farms, great discounts can be obtained.

Can you be insured on 2 motability cars?

Yes you can be insured on 2 cars.

Can 3 cars be insured under one person?

yes if it was a shared insurance. and by the way im 12

What insurance covers medical bills in an accident where someone not on the cars insurance was driving and wrecked?

The un-insured driver will have to turn to their health insurance company for coverage if he carried no auto insurance.

What is the average insurance rate for 3 cars?

Car insurance rates depend on the car insured, age of driver, marital status, location of the vehicle, the driver's record of violations, and other factors. A young adult can expect an average of about $1,800 per car per year. Some insurance companies will offer a discount for multiple cars, but it is not significant. For three cars, a total premium of $5,400 would not be unusual.

What does proposer excess mean when quoting for cars?

Proposer excess means the amount the insured has to pay towards the cost of any insurance claim. The proposer is the insured or policyholder.