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Interesting question! You aren't legally able to contract unless you are 18 in most states. But there is nothing illegal about you owning a car. But is the title in your name? Can a minor hold title to a vehicle? I've looked through a number of state sites and don't see anything about the age someone has to be to title a vehicle. I hope someone has more information on this one!

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Can you get auto insurance if you are under age?

quote on auto insurance for my 16 year old daughter

At what age should my teen get his own auto insurance policy in Rhode Island?

A teen in Rhode Island should get their own auto insurance policy when they get a car in their name.

Does insurance pays claims for under age driver accident?

Ordinarily, an auto insurance policy will require that the driver be licensed as a condition of coverage. Therefore, absent extenuating circumstances, probably not.

How much does sr 22 insurance cost in florida?

You'll have to contact your auto insurance agent or provider. An SR22 filing is not a type of insurance. It is an endorsement to your existing Auto Insurance Policy. The cost depends on exactly he same things that any auto Insurance policy depends on, your age, location vehicle type and driving history

Are there age limitations in the state of Ca regarding auto insurance coverage on parents policy?

No, but there are licensing requirements.

Can you get auto insurance when under age 18?

No, you have to be under you parents. Not without your parents, because your considered a minor.

What is the minimum age required to obtain a car insurance policy in your name in the state of Mississippi?

18 is the age at which you can enter into a legal contract. Before the age of 18 you can still purchase auto insurance but your gaurdian or a parent will have to countersign the insurance application.

Which age group has life insurance?

A life insurance policy can be had from 0 age (child policy) to a person of maximum 65 years (pension policy).

Do you need auto insurance when you have a learner's permit in the state of Florida?

Anybody, regardless of age, operating a motor vehicle in the State of Florida needs a policy of liability insurance.

At what age should you add an 18 yr old to auto insurance policy?

Whatever age you are at when the 18 year old gets their permit to start driving!

If an insured driver under the age of 18 is involved in an accident can they claim insurance?

Of course, age doesn't matter. If you have a valid license and have a current insurance policy you can claim the accident.

Who sales auto insurance in AZ to teenagers?

Most companies require that you be over the age of 16 when purchasing auto insurance. The minimum insurance policy one can have in AZ is liability. Some auto insurance companies in Mesa, AZ that you can contact are Aall Insurance, Brooke Insurance, Clifford Insurance, or Farmer Insurance. There are also many more available, look around and find the one to best fit your needs.

In Texas how old do you have to be in order to have your own auto insurance policy?

Any legal driving age can obtain insurance in Texas. If you are a minor then your parents or legal gaurdian will have to countersign your application.

How old does a beneficiary have to be for to receive payment from a life insurance policy?

There is no age restriction for a beneficiary on a life insurance policy.

Is the current policy on my father's truck still good after he has died?

Yes, but only up to the point of the expiration date listed on the auto insurance policy. Also check the policy for underage driver coverage. Some older folk save on their insurance premiums by discluding younger people under age 25 as being insured when driving that particular vehicle. Contact the insurance company and let them know this. They should refund a prorated amount of the insurance premium to you. The insurance covers him as a driver of the truck, not the truck itself.

Can a 17 year old purchase his own auto insurance in NJ?

Most insurance companies would not allow this to happen because firstly an insurance application and policy together make up a legally binding contract. A person under 18 years of age are not able to be party to a legally binding contract.

Does a newly licenced driver under the age of 18 have to be listed as a driver with the insurance company or are they covered automaticly under the parents' policy?

They must be listed.

What age can you sell your life insurance policy?

In general, the age of majority in your state will dictate when you are of legal age to buy a life insurance policy on your own. Again in general, you would need to be the same age to sell it.

Will an auto insurance quote be more expensive for drivers under the age of 25?

Insurance is likely to be more expensive for someone under the age of 25. Your rate will depend on your credit history, type of car you drive, number of miles you drive as well as your coverage.

When will auto insurance levels decrease for male drivers under the age of 25?

Typically the insurance goes down once you turn 25 or get married whichever comes first.

Do you have to add an adult child to your insurance who does not live with you who is learning how to drive with a learners permit?

This is a question best answered by your insurance agent or a call to your insurance company's 800 customer service phoneline.A bit more:Unless the insurance regulations have changed since I was a licensed auto and homeowners insurance agent: If your child is of legal adult age and not living with you, then no, you don't add him to your policy. Actually, many insurance companies wouldn't allow you to include an adult child (or any other adult) who does not live with you to your auto insurance policy.

At what age(s) do auto insurance rates fall?

Insurance rates rise and fall throughout a person's driving career, but these rate changes are dependent upon a number of factors. Depending on where you live, the details of your insurance policy and the insurance company who handles your insurance, these rate changes will vary.

Does home insurance cover brick damage?

It depends on what caused the damage to the bricks. Did a car run into your brick home, Then the drivers Auto Insurance policy should cover it. Did a storm blow out your bricks, Then your home owners policy would cover it if you have wind storm coverage. If your home is just old and the bricks are crumbling due to age or lack of maintenance, then they may not be covered on your home owners insurance policy. Home owners Insurance, just like auto insurance does not provide coverage for normal wear and tear or for normal maintenence issues.

How much does it cost to add a teen to a auto insurance policy?

There are many factors to consider when rating an auto insurance policy and this forum is not a place to get such rates. Just a few of the rating factors are: age, year of vehicle, make, model, coverage desired, zip code, state, usage of the vehicle, tickets, accidents, claims, credit ratings, etc.

Can you get life insurance at Age 93?

No. I don't think any insurance company will give a fresh insurance policy to someone that age. Most insurance company's have an upper cut-off age for policies which is around 50-60 years. Anyone above 60 years age has a very good probability of natural death and hence insurance co's wont sell policies to those people. Since the person under consideration here is 93 years old, the chances of getting a policy is 0%.