Can you hear through solids

Updated: 9/23/2023
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Solids will transmit sound waves, some better than others. Therefore you can hear through some, though it depends on the material and thickness.

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Q: Can you hear through solids
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How Sounds travel through solids liquids and gas?

sound is made up of vibrations, and so you hear sound as the vibrations travel through the particles of solids liquids and gases.

Why can you feel the blast under your feet before you hear it?

because pressure waves always propagate faster through solids or liquids

Does sound travels through air?

We are in air, and we can hear each other. Thus, sound can travel in air.Yes. A sound wave can travel through air (gases), liquids, and solids.

Where is sound produced?

sound can be produced in any medium - air, water and solids too, but most of the sounds we hear are through air. Animals like dolphins produce sound in water and hear it there.

Does sound slow down in liquid?

On the contrary, sound travels better through liquid, even better through solids, we only think differently because we only hear normally through air.

What solids can sound travel through?

All solids.

Can gas go through solids?

A gas cannot go through non-porous solids.

What gas can go through solids?

A gas cannot go through non-porous solids.

Does sound vibrates better through air or solids?


What are the vibrations transmitted through a solid liquid or gas?

the answer is sound energy because you have a vibrations in your ear to hear

Is sound waves a gas?

no, it's a mechanism for transmitting sound. and sound isn't limited to gas either. It can pass through solids (you can listen through a wall or a door) and through liquids (you can still hear when your ears are submerged in a bath or a pool)

What is the process to separate solids and fluids called?

One way to separate solids and fluids is through filtration. Pour the mixture through a filter and the solids will be trapped in the filter.