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Odds are it isn't a Remington at all, but rather an Ithaca Model 37. To my knowledge, it was the only bottom-eject pump shotgun ever made. As for value; any gun (or anything else for that matter) is worth whatever another is willing to pay for it.

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2008-11-16 15:18:57
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Q: Can you help me identify a Remington 12 gauge bottom eject shotgun and its worth?
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What length shells will a Remington model 11 shoot and eject?

If it's a 16 gauge shotgun, the shell length is 2 3/4 inches.

Can an old Browning A5 made to eject paper cartridges be upgraded for modern ammo?

Also, there are no serial numbers on this shotgun but there are a series of dates, 1900, 19001 and it says Browning patents - manufactured at Remington arms - How can I date this gun?

What causes a benelli SB shotgun to not eject shells?

Ammo, parts, dirty

How do you eject a thumb drive?

Go to the bottom right and left click on the eject symble and click on the option

Why will a Kahn Centurian shotgun not eject?

part failure, dirty, etc.. Take it to a gunsmith

Will I damage an unexpended 12 gauge shotgun shell by ejecting it?

Yes, if you eject it into a roaring fire.

What would cause a Remington model 58 shot gun not to eject the shell after firing a round?

My first guess would be that it needs a real good cleaning, this is a gas operated and not a recoil action. They haven't made them in about 50 years there might be a bit of junk in there ;) Remember this is also Remington's first gas operated shotgun it and there have been a lot of improvements it won't be as forgiving as modern versions.

What problems did the Remington 11-48 have?

The gun does not always cycle. It also will not always eject the shell. These can both be potentially dangerous situations.

11-87 shotgun failure to eject shells?

Try cleaning it, different ammo. If that doesn't work, take it to a gunsmith.

Why wont your Winchester shotgun not eject empty shells?

You need the services of a gunsmith. There are about a half dozen or so reasons if not more.

Can you eject the shells in a Remington 1100 12Ga one right after another or does it have to be one at a time when unloading the gun?

You need to cycle the action for every ejection.

Why doesn't AL1 shotgun eject spent shells?

Any of the following could be the culprit; dirty, ammunition, springs. Take it to a gun smith.

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