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yes,but it will be a goalie interference

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โˆ™ 2014-05-07 22:32:23
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Q: Can you hit a goalie on NHL 2k11 Wii?
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Can you hit a goalie in the NHL?

You are not allowed to hit a goalie in the NHL. Of you do you will get a 2 minute penalty for goalie interference.

How do you fight in Nhl 2k10 Wii?

you do a big hit shake your and then it will show a - botten

Who is the oldest player to hit a home run in NHL?

you can't hit home runs in the NHL!

Can you hit a soccer ball with your fists and it is in the opposite goalie box and you are goalie?

No u cant cause its going to be considered a handball

How do you get in a fight in NHL2k10?

On NHL 2k10 for wii, to get in a fight all you have to do is hit, push, or nudge a player... same if they do it to you. Then at the top of the screen it might say " START FIGHT" when it says that press the minus (-) button.

How do you get a game out of a Wii?

Hit the EJECT button on the Wii. Right by where you put it in.

Is Simpsons hit and run on Wii?

No! This game came out before the wii came out.

How do you deepen a lacrosse goalie pocket?

just hit the pocket with a end of a baseball bat

Can you play the Simpson's hit and run on the wii?

No you can't because the wii wasn't created when the simpsons hit and run first came out!

What is the NHL specific rule for scoring a hit in hockey?

you don't score a hit in hockey

How do you Hook up Wii Wi-Fi?

Hit options>Wii Settings>hit the arrow>hit internet>hit connection settings. Make sure you have a wireless router hooked up.

What is a Wii controller and nunchuck?

a wii controller is some-ting to play wii with a numb chuck is something to hit someone with

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