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Can you impound a tenants car for past due rent?

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no...i am a NY state judge and deal with summary proceedings regularly...if the tenant fails to pay, landlord must bring a summary proceeding and seek eviction...if judgment is rendered in favor of the landlord, it is strictly monetary and limited to the period of unpaid monthly rents according to the terms of the written lease, unless specific damages are sought and which may increase the amount of the judgment, and the landlord must go about seeking to enforce the judgment by way of an information subpoena (wherein then the landlord might attempt to garnish wages or force a public sale of assets to satisfy the debt, or other avenues available in individual states...even security that is held by the landlord cannot be used to pay back rent or even be applied to any back due or current money must be held separately in a separate bank account (not necessarily interest bearing) and cannot be mixed...if the landlord does apply security to rent without permission of the court, the landlord will be civilly liable...additionally, any personal belongings of the tenant must be held in a secure location for a specific period of time after they vacate...local court clerks will be able to give you a little help with certain time frames...

2007-07-03 19:14:21
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Can you have a tenants car towed off property for not paying rent?

Yes, do it ASAP!

How soon will the impound sell your car in KY?

Impound will sell your car after the impound fees are higher than the value of the vehicle.

How much does it cost to get a car out of impound?

it depends on the car

Can you take your stuff out of the car while its in impound?

NO! you cant its impound for a reason good luck

Can the impound sell a leased car?

Yes, they can and often they do to cover the unpaid balance of impound fees.

How can you get your car out of police impound in the united kingdom?

Contact the impound lot or police dept to find out what to do.

What happens if you don't pay the car impound?

Depending on what your state laws are, the impound lot will auction your car to try to pay the storage bill.

Is it legal to take your car back from impound without pay?

If the impound releases it to you then it is okay, otherwise it is theft.

Impound car need to find?

A way out.

Can the police impound your car if you are present?

Yes, if the offence has been committed, and it calls for a tow and impound, even if you are in the car and it is illegally parked, say good by

Can WV impound an out of state car for no insurance?

When you have no insurance on your vehicle, you void your registration - insurance is required by law. Yes, they can impound a car from out-of-state in that instance.

Do you need proof of insurance to get a car out of impound?

Assuming we are talking about a police impound lot, it will depend on the laws of your state. When a police officer stops a car in your state, whatever paperwork he will ask for during the stop is the same that you will need to show to the impound attendant to get your car back.

What if you buy a used car and it breaks and you still owe on it?

My car is in the impound, i still owe 7,000.00 the impound put a lean. Will the finance Co. take me to collection?

How much per day does a impound yard cost?

how much does it cost to impound a car in Florida for ten days

What is need to get your car out the impound?

You have to pay a $1000 or more.

What new fee is charge to a car that was impound for no driver license?

i hear did if you car is impound and you don't have a Colorado drivers licsence you have to pay a fine, and fees of the towing and the facility.

If you are caught driving on a suspended license in WV will they impound your car?

If you are summarily arrested on the scene and taken to jail, they MAY impound your car for safekeeping, but it is not impounded as part of your 'punishment.'

How much is it to get the car out of the car pound?

That depends on the rates charged by the impound lot.

How long does your car have to sit in impound?

Until the reason it's been impounded is cleared, and the impound fees have been paid.

Who is responsible for 3500h worth of items stolen from a car during the eight days it was in the impound with no inventory list?

IF... you can PROVE the items were in the car when the impound lot stored it, they are. Good luck.

Can i sell my car so it can be taken out of the impound before the 30 days are up?

If I sell my car while it's in the impound can the new regesitured owners get out before the 30 days

How much does it cost to get your car out of impound in oh?

Call the impound garage and ask them, do it soon because each day cost more.

How much does it cost to get your car out of impound in ca for one night?

Usually $200, although this can very depending on; 1. Where the car was found 2. Why it was impounded 3. How long it took you too take the car out of impound......

If you are arrested by the police and they impound your car do they have to give you paperwork regarding what they find in your car?


How do you get your car out of impound if it was repossessed?

Pay the company for the car, like you should have during the time you had it.