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The laws that are associated with the relationship between a property owner and his tenants not only change constantly, but vary considerably from place to place.

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How long can a courtesy hold for extradition last?

Not familiar with the term "courtesy" hold. If you are held for extradition as a fugitive from another state, there is no "courtesy" about it. It's simply "the law."


"Courtesy hold" is a common term to those familiar with the law. It means that a person is being held as a courtesy to an agency in another jurisdiction. This is common for example with the US Marshals when they arrest a person in one jurisdiction and have them held in a local jail until they can be transported. The exact length of time varies from one state to the next, but it is normally 7 - 10 days (enough time to arrange extradition paperwork and transportation).

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Is the landlord responsible for the mice infestation?

in some states it may be considered a housekeeping issue if the tenant does not keep the place tidy, leaves food and garbage around, landlord would not be liable

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Is there a law against people checking or going through other people's mail box?

If you do not have permission to check or go through someone else's mail in their mailbox (such as checking their mail for them if they are on vacation), it is a federal offense investigated and prosecuted by the Postal Inspection Service. Charges may include "Tampering with the US Mail" or Intercepting US Mail belonging to Another."

Landlord-Tenant Issues

Are bedbugs a landlords responsibility?

Depending on the city or state that you live in will depend on the level of responsibility that the landlord has regarding bed bugs. Some states require the landlord prove that the unit is bed bug free others will ask the tenant if they have lived anywhere with bed bugs. Just check you local regulations


Most probably it is the responsibility of the landlord to get rid of them.

Check your lease - if it doesn't specifically state you are responsible for exterminating pests & vermin (most don't), look for a paragraph stating that one of the Landlord's responsibility is to keep the unit "habitable". Having parasitic bugs feeding on you at night - that is NOT habitable.

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How do you make my home section 8 ready?

Basically, making the home section 8 ready means making it meet the federal housing quality standards, in essence, making sure that everything works and that everything is up to par. You also want to make sure that the rent is reasonable -- that is, that it is within the fair market rent value in your area. If you have any questions, call your local Housing Authority, which can help.

You, the landlord, have to be willing to accept section 8 vouchers. This means that you will abide by the rules under the federal guidelines that apply. In return you are guaranteed to be paid the housing assistance payments , on behalf of the tenant , like clockwork. For example, if the Housing Authority fails to pay you their portion of the rent you may not be able to go after the tenant for the same. and, if you own several pieces of property, you must charge the same amount of rent that you would charge anyone who would not have voucher assistance.

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Why you should not enter the laboratory without your teacher's permission?

Health and safety.

The school could be taken to court if you injured yourself by one of the chemicals or bacteria in the lab

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Can a landlord kick you out without lease?

Yes. However, in most jurisdictions the landlord must give the renter a thirty day notice. You can check the rule in your state by calling a local landlord-tenant agency.

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What is the history of the Chicago Housing Authority?

The history of (CHA)is poverty. It was a terrible idea to put all of those low-income people into big buldings, in apartments one on top of the other. Public housing was nice until Mayor Daley begging using to segregate the city's rapidly growing blacks.

African Americans in Chicago lived in an area called the Black Belt. The real estate people and banks had a covenant amongst each other to try and discourage African Americans from moving out of that area. Since they were confined to this one area, it began to overpopulate. Houses were being filled with too many people which created even worse living conditions than what already existed. So this is where the CHA came in. They built these high rises in the area so there wouldn't be over crowded homes, but to also keep them in the black neighborhood. This is why the majority of the former Robert Taylor homes were all along State Street from about 35th street to 55th. That area was the black belt.

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Donde encuentro ejemplo contrato de compra-venta?

Maybe you can find something using in this site

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Does adjudication withheld mean I'm not a convicted felon?

Adjudication is an agreement between the defendant and the courts to clear the charge from the docket. For this to occur, the defendant has agreed to complete some sort of arrangement, such as a fine, community service, etc. If the defendant fails to hold up their end of the agreement, then he or she will be convicted of the charge and sentenced accordingly. That conviction will come up in our reports.

Adjudication Witheld means you werent convicted,but then you werent Aquitted either.Sometimes the State specifies to dismiss the charges after your probation completed which equals to the same as Aquitted.On all of these you keep your rights,and on a job application you can legally say you werent convicted.
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How do i serve eviction notice in Arkansas?


I'm not sure about Arkansas, but I had to evict a loud (and destructive) tenant of mine last year, and my wife found out about a site that serves the eviction notices for you, and makes sure you get the right one.

We're from Washington, and the laws and stuff that the forms followed seemed pretty legit.

The sites, but it looks different than it did when we used it last year. I emailed them and asked if they were the same, and within a day or so they got back to me, and they are!

Good luck with your tenant.

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Contrato de alquiler con opcion a compra?

El contrato redactado entre partes, donde una de ellas alquila a otra bienes con opción a compra, se denomina leasing (arrendamiento financiero).

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Can a landlord gossip about a tenant to other tenants?

This depends on what is being said in the gossip. If these are untrue statements that the landlord is passing off facts about a person, they be liable for defamation. If they're releasing private information about tenant that they learned through the course of their employment (yes, landlords are business owners) then they may be liable to the tenant for invasion of privacy.

If the gossip becomes so severe that the tenant feels harassed living their from your behavior, they may quit their lease and move. A person has an inherent right to live peacefully and not be subject to gossip or harassment.

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Is united solutions law firms a valid company?

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Can a landlord sue a tenant if there is no lease agreement?

Yes. There are many causes for lawsuits apart from the lease, especially property damage, unpaid rent and unpaid utilities.

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Is a landlord responsible to clean your carpets?

Not until you leave.

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Can a landlord who sent you a termination notice in May make you pay lease payments until the end of November if you vacate the apartment in September?

If the lease/rental agreement you signed continued into the month of November, then yes you have to pay the charges. TIMING and rental agreement is the key here. Let's suppose that my landlord sends me a termination letter in May to take effect 60 days from the receipt of the letter, then that means that I have up until June 30th to vacate the premises. You will not have to pay the rent for the remainder of the lease because by sending you a termination letter, he is terminating the rental agreement. Keep in mind that laws vary from state to state, so I would check with the local authorities. I am pretty sure that you can log onto your county's website and search under the tenant rights section. Make sure you read through your original rental agreement, there you might find a clause that specifies the circumstances under which the tenent or landlord may terminate such agreement. good luck,

Landlords can be very greedy and one-sided so you must protect yourself. you did not specify how much notice he gave you, but usually tenants get 30 days notice to vacate. Once you get this you are free to leave and not pay any rent beyond the 30 days.

(assuming he had the right to terminate)

BUT, if you remained in the premises you must pay.

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Can felons get a apartment in boise idaho?

Yes. Clearview Property Management rents to felons without drug or sex related crimes.

It isn't easy, most apartment complexes will require an application with identification and references. Most of them will do a background search and reference check. In the majority of the apartment complexes, upon learning that you are a FELON, your application for an apartment will be denied.

If you get into an apartment by lying on an application by not disclosing that you are a FELON, it can result in immediate eviction and possibly more criminal problems.

You have to put yourself in the position of the landlord to understand the process. I owned some apartments and I required every applicant to fill out an application. I wanted the best renters I could have in my apartments. Ones with good jobs, who could pay the rent on time and ones with the least amount of problems. Wouldn't you? As part of the application process, I met with the applicant and interviewed the applicant. After receiving 25-50 applications I would narrow it down to 5-10. I would read the application carefully and yes there was a box on the application for 'Have you been convicted of a FELONY'. I would contact their references. Do a background search. After this process, I would pick my renter.

Good luck!

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Is your husband allowed to lock you out of your house?

Absolutely not. Your husband has no right to lock you out of property you own without a court order. He would be violating the law. Each of you has the right to the use AND possession of the property until a court rules otherwise. You need to consult with an attorney ASAP. You could file a complaint and ask for an order to make him vacate the property. Husband's don't have that kind of authority over their wives in the United States.

Even if you're not an owner or you both rent the premises, if you are a resident, he cannot just make you leave. The law varies in different jurisdictions. Contact your local police department, state patrol. Or your local Courthouse. They will be able to tell you what the county laws are concerning what is acceptable for locking someone out of their home.

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Can a landlord tow your vehicle for having a flat tire?

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What is legal temperature for apartment in winter?

Legal temperature? You mean a law that states you have to have your apartment a certain temperature? No such thing exists. If you are renting an apartment and don't have cooling or heat you can complain about your living conditions, but no one can tell you how hot or cold to set the temperature.


I have somehow better info

The City Housing Maintenance Code and State Multiple Dwelling Law requires building owners to provide heat and hot water to all tenants. Building owners are required to provide hot water 365 days per year at a constant minimum temperature of 120 degrees Fahrenheit. Between October 1st and May 31st, a period designated as "Heat Season," building owners are also required to provide tenants with heat under the following conditions:

  • Between the hours of 6:00 AM and 10:00 PM, if the outside temperature falls below 55 degrees, the inside temperature is required to be at least 68 degrees Fahrenheit; and,

  • Between the hours of 10:00 PM and 6:00 AM, if the temperature outside falls below 40 degrees, the inside temperature is required to be at least 55 degrees Fahrenheit.

Tenants who are cold in their apartments should first attempt to notify the building owner, managing agent or superintendent. If heat is not restored, the tenant should call the City's Citizen Service Center at 311 (311 can be accessed outside of New York City by dialing (212) NEW YORK). For the hearing impaired, the TTY number is (212) 504-4115. The Center is open 24-hours a day, seven-days a week.

When the City's Citizen Service Center receives a complaint, HPD staff will attempt to contact the building's owner or managing agent to get heat or hot water service restored. Before an HPD code inspector is dispatched to the building, HPD will call the tenant back to determine whether service has been restored. If service has not been restored, an HPD inspector is sent to the building usually within 48 hours under normal conditions to verify the complaint and issue the appropriate violation.

In cases where private owners fail to restore heat and hot water, or when HPD is unable to reach owners, HPD's Emergency Repair Program (ERP) uses in-house staff and private contractors to make the necessary repairs to restore essential services.

If a building owner fails to provide heat and hot water during the winter or has a serious history of flagrantly disregarding obligations to provide service to tenants, HPD's Housing Litigation Division (HLD) may sue the building owner in Housing Court. HLD regularly reviews all heat and hot water violations.

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Homographs Homonyms and Homophones

What is the homophone for smallest in amount and rent under written agreement?


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When must landlord turn on heat?

That's different in every state. In Massachusetts, September 15.

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If you haven't signed a contract does the landlord have to give you a certain amount of days to get out?

Yes, local landlord/tenant laws will dictate the required minimum notice period for a "tenancy at will", especially where there is no signed document indicating some other period.  It is often one month, hence the term "month-to-month" rentals which need no written contract at all.
I've learned that the term is often dictated by the frequency with which you pay rent. If monthly, then 30 days' notice; if weekly, then Iowa, as an example, requires ten days notice by either party to end the arrangement. In the absence of a written rental agreement, the state laws have pretty good built-in protections for both parties. I'm not an attorney. Exceptions often apply, especially where crime or public safety are concerned. Read up on your landlord-tenant law and consult your attorney for proper advice.

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Can a landlord require a last months deposit after you have signed a lease and paid the first month's rent and a security deposit?

The answer below is pretty much correct. It is important to understand that there is rent and security. The deposit is to cover losses and protect the landowner against you if you have bad credit or if you demolish the apartment. The owner must deposit this in a separate security account that carries interest payments on your money.

Only if it is included in the wording of the lease that was signed. If there is no clause requiring last month's rent. Then the request by the landlord is unenforceable.


Better if you are going to review your contract because that is the only way to know if the things that your landlord's doing are legal. There are times that they are allowed to ask for last months deposit because they need to be assured that even though you will be evicted or move out without ending the lease and you choose not to pay your last monthly rental fee at least they have your last month deposit.


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