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No, they will want a licensed driver.

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Q: Can you insure an automobile with a permit?
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Can you insure your car with a learners permit in New York City?

An you insure your car with a learners permit in NYC

Can you insure an automobile you don't own?

No? why would you do that?

Will 21st Century Insurance company insure a driver with only a permit?

It is usually not necessary to insurance a driver who only has a permit. Often, if it is a young person, they are covered under their parents insurance. If it is an adult, then they may insure the driver.

Can the co-buyer insure a car?

Yes the co-buyer can insure the car because basically its saying that the co-buyer has ownership in the automobile as well as the buyer.

Can you insure a car with learner's permit in new york?

If you own the vehicle in question, you do NOT have to possess a drivers license or permit in order to registrer your ownership of it.

What are permit fees?

fees paid by business required to have a permit! it's like a fee a driver has to pay to insure his car! Answer came from Google Definitions!

Do you need to insure a driver with a learners permit in CO?

If they're going to be driving, they need to be insured.

Can you insure your car with learner's permit in New Jersey?

No, the person who owns and/or will drive the insured vehicle must have a valid driver's license. Not totally true, it really depends on the insurance company. Some might insure the driver with just a learner's permit. If we can assume that the person with a learners permit is under 18, then the answer is no. However if the person has a learners permit but is somehow over 18, that is a different story.

Can you insure a car with a permit?

No, you can not. In order to obtain insurance policy, you need to be in possession of a valid driver's license.

Is my son covered on my policy with his learner's permit?

Most insurance companies will automatically insure a child in your home with a learners permit. It is best to check with your insurance company to be sure.

Can you assure an automobile?

Only if it is very concerned. If you mean 'insure' then yes, you can. You can insure for almost any type and level of risk, but the premium may make it prohibitively expensive. The most common risks to insure a vehicle for are theft, fire and accidental damage.

How much does year of the vehicle affect insurance rate?

Generally, the newer the car, the cheaper it is to insure. The thinking behind this is that as technology advances, automobile safety improves. Safer cars are cheaper to insure.

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