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In the UK it would depend on the insurance company's policy. Get several quotes, explain what you need.

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Q: Can you insure two cars with on no claims discount?
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How can you insure two cars?

To do this you can go to an insurance website such as admiral which gives you a discount on your second car

Can one person insure two cars?

One person can insure as many vehicles as he/she can afford.

Can you use your no claims bonus to insure two cars?

What is No Claims Bonus/no claims discount? No Claims Bonus (NCB) is crucial to reducing car insurance premiums. Its worth varies from company to company. A NCB of five years or more, for example, can entitle drivers to a 60%-75% discount on car insurance premiums. NCB is earned. Generally, for every year that a driver has insurance on a car without making a claim, they will earn another year's NCB to a maximum of 5 years. Some companies offer further discounts for 6-8 years of claims-free driving, but generally the maximum figure is 5 years. With two cars, a driver will need two lots of NCB - one lot for each car. Drivers can't share a NCB earned on one car between two cars.

If you own two homes in different states and keep a car at each home in which state do you license and insure the cars?

You will insure the cars based on where they are driven the most. If you drive more in one state, insure the car there.

Can you use your full no claims to insure two cars?

Each car has separate coverage for itself depending on what coverage you elected to take out on the vehicle Liability Collision Comprehensive Coverage etc Full No Claims is not coverage for the vehicle It means you have full coverage and you have not had any claims filed for accidents

In NY state can I insure two cars with two different insurance companies and have each policy at a different address?

I'm sure you can, but make sure the billing address is the same. If the cars are in the same zip code, it may not make any sense to split the policies since the rates would be the same and you may get a discount for a multi-car policy.

Can you put two cars under disability insurance?

Only human beings are covered by disability insurance. If you want to insure cars, you require automobile insurance.

Can you insure more than one car on a single policy?

Yes, you can. Until recently, there were only a small number of companies that offer multi-car policies, though that list has grown rapidly and now most of the large insurance companies offer them.The benefit of multi-car policies is that they offer a noticeable discount when you insure two or more cars under the same policy. As well as the discount offered, there is the convenience of not having to chase several policies, as the policy renews once for all cars at the same time.

Can I insure two UK reg cars-one in UK-one in Ireland-having named drivers on the one in Ireland?


Where can I find deals on discount rental cars?

Enterprise Rental Cars or are two sites offering discount car rentals. Using allows the freedom to cancel without being subjected to a cancellation or late cancellation fee.

Can you insure two cars with separate companies?

Yes, It is usually cheaper to have 2 vehicles on the same policy but there may be some cases where you need to have them separated. Some companies will not insure classic cars correctly, recreational vehicles. or motorcycles so they would need a separate policy for a separate company.

Can you insure 2 of your vehicles with one insurance company and your other two vehicles at another insurance company?

Yes, but why do you have 4 cars any way.

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