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Yes, some companies will insure your car without registration.

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Q: Can you insure your car without registration?
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Can your mom insure your car and you register the car?

If her name is on the registration of the car and she drives it sometimes.

What companies will insure drivers who don't own a car?

None, because the car has to registration have to be in your name.

You are buying a car for your daughter can she insure it?

Yes, just put her on registration so no speedbumps.

Can you get car insurance if your name is not on the registration?

By saying that your name is not on the registration, I assume that it also is not on the title. If you or your spouse do not own the vehicle you cannot insure it. It doesn't matter how you ask the question. You must have interest in the vehicle to insure it.

Can someone else license and insure a car you own?

YES - registration and insurance are separate from ownership.

Can you insure a car without a drivers license in Pa?

DoType your answer here... do you need a drivers license to insure car?

Can you get car insurance without a car to insure?

No. Remember that insurance follows a vehicle first, operator second. So, without having a car to insure, no rate can even be detected to begin with.

Can you drive a new car home without registration?

No. But the dealer has, or can get you, a temporary registration.

What UK insurance company will insure car with Irish registration?

Quinn Direct will. I've had my Irish car insured with them in England for 2 years now.

How do you insure a car that you do not own?

Most insurance companies require that you have an insurable interest in order to be able to insure something such as a car. Some companies require that your name appear on the title or registration in order to be able to purchase an auto policy in your name.

Can you get registration on someone elses car?

Not without some paperwork showing that you are leasing the vehicle or something like that. Also, it will be very hard to get insurance on the vehicle. If it were easy, I would probably want to register, drive and insure Jeff Gordon's car. See what I mean.

How can my mom insure a car still in my name?

i am giving my parents a car i am still paying for the car can they get insurance without me