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Can you interchange a 1987 Toyota Land cruiser chassis with a 1991 or later?

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What type of vehicle is it? a 75 series tray back or wagon or other?

2007-03-26 22:37:58
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Do later or earlier model landcruiser chassis fitmatch the HJ47 series 1984 model?


Will a 93 mark 8 engine interchange with other mark 8s of a later date if so where can you get your source of info?

93 to 94 for 4.6 dohc engine interchange book

Will a rear shock on a xr600 1989 model interchange with any other later model?

I´m the owner of 1991 model and I have made a rebuilding, and I think that the rear shock can interchange for for all the models between 1989 and 2000

When will the 2009 Toyota Highlander come out?

2 months later, that's about April 2 months later, that's about April

Your 26in forks for your beach cruiser are too long do you cut em or what please help?

what ever you do do not cut them, if you do you will not like it in the end or later!!!!!!!

Can the actron CP9125 be used for an Asian Toyota?

Yes, as long as it is OBDII 1996 Toyota and later. I have used it on a Lexus and also many Toyotas. It will read the manufacturer's codes from Toyota, too.

Do 1988 Toyota pickups have check engine light in the instrument cluster?

yes, i have a 1987 Toyota truck and it has one. Can't see why a later model wouldn't

You replaced the battery in your 2003 pt cruiser Three days later the ABS light came on Does the computer need to be reset after a battery change?

yes it does

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How many quarts of oil in a Toyota Tundra 4.7 v8?

when i purchase 'oo, they said 5 Qts. but received a letter from Toyota later said 6.2 Qts.

What is the lifespan of a Chrysler pt cruiser?

It depends on how you treat it. I got my 2002 new and it's still running well 9 1/2 years later.

What years are the same for the rear window in a ford ranger?

83 to 92 regular cab should interchange (rubber gasket ) early supercabs bolts in as do later regular cabs

Is 2004 pt cruiser an OBD II?

Yes. Any car sold in the United States after 1996 is required to be OBD-II. Also any 2001 or later sold in Europe.

Does a 1999 Toyota Tacoma 2.7L have a cabin air filter and where is it?

no cabin filter in the 99 tacoma. only 2002 and later.

Is there transmission filter for Toyota Sienna?

On the 2004 and later models, there is a mesh filter inside the pan. You have to drop it to change the filter

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What is the firing order for a 92 Toyota Camry V6?

Knowing the firing order of an engine can help a person troubleshoot later on. The firing order of a 1992 Toyota Camry V6 is 1-2-3-4-5-6.

How many ships were destroyed by Bismark Battleship during the World War 2?

One ship was sunk by the Bismark.It was the British Battle-cruiser Hood, which was sunk during a naval battle between the Bismark, the escorting cruiser Prince Eugen, the Hood, and the Battleship Prince of Wales.The Bismark was then sunk a few days later by elements of the Home Fleet, and Air Arm.

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What is better a Toyota o Ford?

Toyota, foreign cars in my opinion are better than American. Foreign cars last longer and American breaks down alot. My dad has a 2003 Toyota Camry with 290,000 miles on it. He has not had to repair or fix anything, except the oil of course. They are more dependable. My family member had a ford, a month later the radiator went out. And it was a 2006. So go with the Toyota. :D

Will 95 or later running boards fit on a 94 4 runner?

The running board from a 95 or later Toyota 4Runner will work on a 94 model but will require minor modifications. The alignment of the brackets and the mounting holes vary in location.

Is a 650 Maxim Yamaha motorcycle the same as a XJ650 Yamaha motorcycle?

Originally the maxim was a cruiser and the xj a tourer. Later the xj 650 maxim was a bit of both. There are many through-the-ages examples on google images.