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No. It does not have a stinger.

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โˆ™ 2011-07-22 02:50:45
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Q: Can you keep a dragon fly?
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Is a dragon fly a dragon fly?


How do you make a dragon fly in alchemy genetics?


What is dragon fly larva?

the pre stage of a dragon fly

Are dragon fly nymphs carnivours?

The dragon fly is a carnivore.

Is the dragon fly or hawk moth faster?

i think a dragon fly can fly faster

Can a fly kill a bearded dragon?

no in fact the bearded dragon will eat the fly.

How many mosquitoes does a dragon fly eat?

A dragon fly eats about 200 mosquitoes daily. A dragon fly eats other things like flies.

What is the scientific name and systematic position of dragon fly?

dragon fly systematic classification

Is dragon fly larvae a carnivore?

Yes, the dragon fly larva is a voracious predator.

How tO breed a butterfly dragon?

You need the butter dragon and the fly dragon

How fast can a dragon fly fly?

Really fast.

Why is it easy for a dragon fly to fly?

because of their wings

Is a dragon fly a bug?

No its not a bug its a type of fly.

What to do with a tangled wing dragon-fly?


When was Dragon Fly - album - created?

Dragon Fly - album - was created in 1974-07.

How do you beat the dragon fly boss on the level fungi forest in Donkey Kong 64 on Nintendo 64?

Keep throwing the TNT barrel at it until a Chunky barrel shows up when it does keep punching the dragon fly using the B button until Chunky uses the primate punch you will make the fly burn to a crisp and the key will appear hooray you win!

What are the Webkinz that can fly?

There ae many that can fly, I can't remember all of them since they keep adding on and on and on.... but some of them that I can remember are Whismy dragon, cardinal, robin,emporor dragon, blue jay... that's all I can remember right now.Hope this answers your question.

What type of fly is the largest?

I would say that the largest fly is the dragon fly

How does plakia fly?

If palkia is a dragon type then dragons can fly so he can fly!

Who is storm fly in how to train your dragon?

it is the blue dragon which asterid has

What does a dragon fly eat?

a dragon fly eats butterfly mosquitoesflies may flies horse flies ext

What animal group do dragon fly belong to?

Dragon fly belongs to KINGDOM:Animalia PHYLUM:Arthropoda CLASS:Insecta ORDER:Odonta SUBORDER:Epiprocta

How do you fly as Spyro the dragon?

The only game you can fly in is Dawn of the Dragon. For Wii, it's press a 3 times.

Is a dragon fly an invertebrate or a vertebrate?

A dragon fly is a type of invertebrate called an arthropod, and within arthropods it is an insect.

Is the komodo dragon the only 'dragon'?

no, the dragon fly, but that's an insect, so technechly, yes, it is.