Can you kill a ghost?

A ghost is not dead and not's undead and to kill it or eliminate it ( knowing that this sphere of energy cannot be killed) you must find the source of it's turning back or the thumb with the ghost's body. It might be restless from a reason that's why it's coming back cause it's stopped between the worlds (this world and the unseen world) and cannot pass. So IF you have the source you can kill it ( if you might say so) or release(an example of releasing: release it from the pain of damnation by helping it to do a mission that wanted to do when he/she was alive. Beware this are not playing thing. Only a trained priest can do that cause you might injury yourself badly or ...other things (you don't want to know them). You must not thrust everybody about this kind of stuff. Don't do anything by your own just pray to Jesus and go to the church. You are not prepared to do something by your own cause if you've asked this question that's a fact that you don't know anything about this and this things are dangerous. Go to a priest. CALL A CHRISTIAN ORTODOX PRIEST. GOD BE WITH YOU!