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Of course! A keyboard is just a little smaller, but the concept is the same!

You can for the first year or two, but after that, save yourself some frustration and invest in a real piano. The keys of a piano feel and play a little differently, but there is no difference between the two in the way you would learn to play.

This site has many piano lessons and online piano lessons reviews, you can take a look.

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Q: Can you learn to play the piano by using a keyboard?
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If you can play piano can you play the keyboard?

The simple answer is "yes." That is, if by "the keyboard" you mean a synthesizer of almost any sort, a.k.a "keys". A Piano has more keys that a keyboard. I find a keyboard is easyer to learn. But yes if you can play a piano then you can play a Keyboard, Just remember a keyboard misses: A B C D E F G. So the piano will sound different.

How do you play one direction songs keyboard?

You have to print out the piano sheet and learn how to play.

What songs can you play on a keyboard and how?

Any normal song can be played on a keyboard. A keyboard is an electronic piano. A piano has a range of keys on octaves ascending from dark to light from the left to the right. To learn how to play it, look up tutorials.

What is the easiest way to self teach and learn to play piano?

The easiest way to self teach and learn to play piano is to buy a piano or a keyboard, learn some basic musical knowledge and start practicing easy songs. Alternate ways are to learn from CDs, DVDs and books or to hire an instructor.

where can I learn how to play piano better?

hey, I learned to play with piano when I was younger. I needed to practise very much but then I did some research on how you can go learn it faster and I came on this website: It comes with many E-books and movies with the best techniques.

Do some digital pianos aid in learning to play?

Yes as I find it hard to use the footpedals on an actual piano but I have a keyboard and found it much easier to learn how to play than a piano.

When did pink alecia Beth Moore learn to play the different instruments?

she plays guitar, drums, piano, keyboard, and she a singer

What can one learn on the Rocket Piano website?

There are a lot of things one is able to learn from the Rocket Piano website. For examples, one will learn how to play piano using the free lessons, discovering how to read music.

How do you play a keyboard?

same way as a piano

How do you play speechless on the piano?

You get the music, learn the piece, then play it on the piano. Piano pieces must be learned ... no book can teach you how to play the piano - you must physically interact with the piano itself. It is by practicing that your will learn how to play.

How do you play Demi Lovato songs on the piano?

learn to play the piano

How do you play Humpty Dumpty on a keyboard or piano?


What would vibrate when you play a Keyboard?

the piano key

Is it easier to play the piano or keyboard?

keyboard piano doesn't need to be pluged in apart from digital so i think that's an advantance

How can you make a sentence using the word eventually?

If you keep practicing the piano, eventually you will learn how to play it.

How do you play a anbil avan song in keyboard?

If I get notes for that song in western and then I ll play in my piano or keyboard k...

How do you play this is the day on piano?

You learn how to play the piano and then get the sheet music for 'this is the day'.

Why is a piano better than a keyboard?

yes because you can use piano to play music

Where can i learn to play that's what you get on piano?

go to youtube and type in : How to play that's what you get on piano

Does john mayer play piano?

he plays keyboard, if that counts

What instruments does MIKA play?

He plays keyboard, drums, and piano.

How do you play it will rain by Bruno Mars on the keyboard?

with a piano stupid.

How do you play a song on the piano?

You learn

There is not enough room in their house for a full size piano and she really likes to play. Would a keyboard be sufficient for the mean time?

Yes! I have been playing the piano for 7 years. I have a piano and a keyboard, and the keyboard is definitely sufficient.

How do you play keyboard?

You play it like a piano. It's just the keys which are thinner and you can make different sounds on the piano. It is not heaps different.