Can you legally opt to die in hospital or hospice if terminally ill legally?

You can refuse treatment and have a DNR do not resuscitate, a living will should take care of it, stating what treatment you want or will accept, but the hospital does not have to honor it. The only place you can legally choose to die is in the states of Washington and Oregon.

ummm, no. You cannot "choose" to die in a hospital. If the hospital is actively treating you either for curative or palliative reasons, the physician/hosptial believes you are benefiting from treatment, and/or transporting you home or a facility is negligent or harmful-( and your insurance agrees or you have the means to pay for it yourself) you can likely remain in the hospital if you so desire. If the above criteria (obviously not hard and fast criteria) are not somewhat met, it is likely that a hospital will discharge you to home or a nursing facility so that they may care for acutely ill patients. A DNR/living will/advanced directive has no influence at all on where you must or get to die. It just means, when you do head that direction, you don't want anyone to intervene. A DNR- regardless of the patient's wishes- must be revoked during operative procedures, and in many times, can be overriden by the patient's family during an acute episode in an inpatient setting.