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A general rule of thumb is to insure your car in the state it is registered in.

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Q: Can you live in one state and insure your car in a different state?
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If your car stays in another state for vacation use do you insure in the state you live in or the state the car stays in?

Where ever the car is principally garaged.

If you own two homes in different states and keep a car at each home in which state do you license and insure the cars?

You will insure the cars based on where they are driven the most. If you drive more in one state, insure the car there.

Do you need a drivers license to insure a car ?

In order to insure a car you must have a vaild drivers license for the state you are insuring your car in.

Do you have to insure a car that you do not drive?

Depends on the state

Can I register my car in a different state?

if you live there

Can i buy a used car if i don't have my own insurance but i do have insurance?

Huh you can buy a new or used car, but you do have to have it insured, assuming you live in state that requires you insure your auto. A few insurers let other people insure your car, but you do need to be listed as a driver.

When do you need to insure a new car if you have current insurance on a different car?

It depends on the state that you live in and on how your policy for the older car is written. With my policy, in my state, the new vehicle would have the same coverage as the old one for 30 days. Your best bet is to not mess around with that and protect your investment...just add the new vehicle to the policy.

If you are the owner of a car can it be registered to someone else in one state but insured by you in another state or can the registrant insure it in a different state?

The owner of the car has to register the vehicle. The person on the registration must insure the vehicle, or be listed to drive that vehicle on a family policy. That example sounds close to insurance fraud so please correct the situation. Sell the car to the other person and they have to insure it. Actually it is 100% legal for a person to insure a vehicle registered in someone elses name so long as nothing illegal is going can be the parents etc.....

Can you insure your auto in your state of residence and work in another state and stay in that state?

You must insure your car where it is tagged. yes you can live in one state and work in the other. if you live in the state where you work get a po box in the state where the car is tagged. If you "stay in that state", it can make you a "resident." In many states you must register and insure a vehicle used in that state if you are a "resident", under their interpretation, or if your vehicle is parked or garaged in their state for more than a minimal part of a year (e.g., 30 days in Massachusetts). At the very least, you may be required to demonstrate financial responsibility to continue exercising the driving privilege if you're caught with an invalid out-of-state registration.

Can you insure a car in another state if you are not the primary drive?

oh hell no

Is it illegal to register and insure a car outside of the state you reside?


Would i be able to insure my girlfriend's car?

You can insure anyone living with you's vehicle, but I'm not sure about if you don't live together.