Can you live without the Hypothalamus?


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people do live with problems that have affect their hypothalamus, but i am not sure if it is possible to be born without one or have it be removed successfully

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No, because hypothalamus is the control center of homeostasis without it, it would be impossible to live. Hypothalamus controls almost vital functions for survival. such as: respirations, digestion, blood pressures, heart rate, and among many other things.

It regulates metabolism. Plus it releasing hormones like TRH, which is needed for the thyroid to function

yes but the hypothalamus is instrumental in memory, so you would have nearly no long term memory, to see someone who has had this happen to them look up Clive Wearing.

No, because the hypothalamus manufactures the hormones for the posterior pituitary gland and it sends the instructions for the anterior pituitary gland to produce hormones.

No; normal, healthy individuals without a disease affecting their hypothalamus do not need to "reset" their hypothalamus with medications. Only in certain disease states do patients need to take medications to alter the function of the hypothalamus. The hypothalamus has exquisite control over many regulatory functions of the body. These include hunger, day/night cycles, basal metabolic rate, growth, fertility, pregnancy, sexual behavior, temperature, etc. In most individuals, the hypothalamus does a marvelously good job at regulating these functions without any need for medication. In fact, trying to "reset" the hypothalamus with medications when it isn't necessary can actually lead to more harm than good.

Hypothalamus is one of many glands. Hypothalamus is very important due to many reasons.

My hypothalamus must be out of whack. The hypothalamus is located inside of the human skull.

=No, hypothalamus is not an endocrine gland=

Adrenalin is not produced by the hypothalamus.

No. The hypothalamus is located in the diencephalon of the brain.

The two parts are the thalamus and the hypothalamus. The hypothalamus is beneath the thalamus, so the answer to your question is the hypothalamus.

The hypothalamus (part of your brain) controls your appetite. Without going into too much detail, the hypothalamus sends out hormones (noteably neuropeptides and serotenergic) to regulate how much you eat when you're hungry.

The hypothalamus gland controls the body temperature.

The hypothalamus is approximately the same size as an almond!

The hypothalamus is composed of brain tissues or neurons.

The hypothalamus is a region of the forebrain that coordinates the autonomic nervous system and the activity of the pituitary. There is no opposite or antonym if you like for hypothalamus.

hypothalamus glan hypothalamus glan

The hypothalamus aids in regulation of the body's temperature.

The hypothalamus controls temperture, hunger, thirst, and sex appeal

Hypothalamus is located on the basal part of diencephalon of forebrain

The thalamus and hypothalamus are found in the human brain.

No, the hypothalamus controls the pituitary gland

The hypothalamus is a part of both the endocrine and the nervous system.

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