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Can you lose weight drinking diet green tea?


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March 29, 2009 11:58AM

Yes, it appears that green tea does have small but significant effects of fat oxidation. Participants who consumed a green tea supplement burned significantly more calories over those who consumed either a placebo or an amount of caffeine found in the supplement in a 24 hour period. As with all studies, important questions to ask are :"How much did it take" and "How big was the result?". Participants consumed 90 mg capsules of EGCG three times a day, 270 mg of EGCG. I can't give you an exact conversion of how many cups of tea that is due to variations in preparation and types of green tea, but it's a lot, certainly greater than 3 8-oz cups, perhaps as much as 9 cups of tea. The participants only burned an extra 60 calories a day at these high EGCG levels. That's a significant amount, but still rather small. It would take roughly 50 days to burn a pound, assuming one kept their caloric intake and activity level constant. Still, such small effects would eventually take their effect, and losing 7 pounds in a year for someone who's made no other changes in their lifestyle is pretty impressive. These figures only refer to standard brewed or iced tea which contains the tea only- beverages with added sugar will contain calories that will offset any metabolic gains. Green tea is still an excellent beverage choice, whether or not one is looking to lose weight. With about as much caffeine as a cup of decaf coffee, and costing as little as 5 cents for a bag, green tea is a good alternative for those looking to kick the coffee habit or save a little money. The antioxidants in green tea appear to have some cancer preventing properties, at least in vitro and in some animal studies. Further studies are needed, but at this time, there's no reason not to consider green tea as your calorie-free beverage of choice. No, tea or green tea only has a very mild effect, it doesn't help to break down fat or loss weight