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Stress can increase your risk of premature labour.

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Q: Can you lose your baby from stress?
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Can crying and stress cause you to lose a baby?

Crying can not cause a niscarriage and being stressed increases the chances to lose the baby.. crying is normal

Can you lose a baby from stress?

Absolutely. If a pregnant woman is stressed then it puts stress on her entire body which centrally locates around the stomach.

Why did Queen Elizabeth I lose her hair?

smallpox.stress stress stress stress

Does stress help you lose weight?

No; stress makes you gain weight.

Can you lose hair from stress?

Yes you can.

Can stress hurt your baby during pregnancy?

Stress adversely hurt you. It hurts your baby too probably.

How can you loose a baby?

how can you lose a baby

Can you lose a baby by smoking crystal meth?

Yes, you can lose a baby or damage the baby with any drug

How does stress affect the embryo?

Look at it this way; whatever you feel, the baby feels. Stress definitely is not safe for the baby.

Can Stress when pregnant cause mental retardation?

While you are pregnant, stress can not lead to mental retardation. Stress can, however, lead to an overactive baby or an irritable baby.

Can you lose your unborn baby from fighting?

Depends on the fighting that your referring to. Fighting as in arguing with someone is not recommended because it can cause to much stress on yourself & the baby. Physical fighting of course should be avoided at all cost!

Does stress make someone lose weight?

Yes, because stress can cause some people to lose their appetite. On the other hand, stress can cause other people to eat more and gain weight.

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