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Yes, you can get pregnant while still being a virgin, and if you are a pregnant virgin and have sex then you would have lost your virginity.

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Um ... somebody skipped Sex Ed class.

Virginity means you have never had sex. If you are pregnant, you had to have sex. Therefore, you are not a virgin.

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Q: Can you lose your virginity when you are pregnant?
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If a virgin has I.V.F treatment and get pregnant is she a virgin?

Of course! You can only lose your virginity by having sex. There needs to be penetrating to lose your virginity.

Will you lose your virginity when you already have your period?

You can't lose your virginity because of your period but when you have your period then u are able to get pregnant but ONLY if u have sex

What would girls lose if they were pregnant in World War 2?

Their virginity.

When you lose your virginity does your stomach hurt for three days?

Personally.... not unless your pregnant.

Does a girl lose virginity when they become pregnant?

A girl loses her virginity when she engages in sexual intercourse for the first time. Becoming pregnant could be a result of that sex though.

Can a lesbian lose her virginity?

Yes, anyone can lose their virginity, but not everyone does.

Will you bleed when you lose your virginity?

No real way to tell except for when you do lose your virginity.

What happens to guys when they lose their virginity?

When guys lose their virginity, absolutely nothing changes.

If you weren't penetrated can you still lose your virginity?

No - when you lose your virginity it is because you have had sexual intercourse.

What age does a female lose her virginity?

Whenever she has sex. There is no set time to lose your virginity.

If she was in a physical relationship and in their relationship she just kissed does that mean she lost her virginity?

No, she did not lose her virginity. In order for someone to lose their virginity, sexual intercourse needs to take place. If all she did was kiss, she's a virgin.You do not lose your virginity by just kissing. You can not lose it from just kissing.Anyone can kiss someone. You have to have sex to lose virginity.

If a girl is a virgin how far can she stick a dildo in to lose her virginity?

Not even hitting your cervix with a dildo would make you lose your virginity. You have to have a penis in your vagina to lose your virginity.

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