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Can you make a background for your email?


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On Gmail, I know you can make one or use the themes they have to offer. Gmail is very good.

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Hi you can make a background in several ways. 1. you can make a colour background in your themes options and then add the background. 2. you can make a background colour/gradient in photoshop or you can make a custom background with colour and images in phototshop and then upload it to you website. or there is a third option - get someone to design the background for you.

Sorry, you cannot make an email on Bebo.

Sorry, you need an email to make a facebook.

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on yes you do need an email to make an account.

most people make their own background by using a material wafer thin and printing stickers on it to make it look like a new background.

You need a password to have an email.

You can make your Gmail background different by applying themes. These themes have interesting backgrounds in it. You can also upload a manual background.

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To make a email, you must have a phone number with Comcast.

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If you want to make a email you must have a verizon phone number.

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You have to make sure that you type the code that it gives you in your email. make sure you read the whole email then you'll get it.

Go to settings>Design and their you can add a background to your account.

You just make it hotmail or putlook

Yes, on gmail you can pick a background, pick a picture, and send emails. But the only problem is you have to be 13 years old. It is a very good email! =)

Go to your email address, they will have sent you an email. Click the link to confirm. Make sure the email is from

make a new email, insert the folder you want to email yourself, and then type in your own email adress.

There are several great places where a person can make an email account. The most popular email accounts are at Yahoo and Gmail.

You are able to make a free email address using Google's Gmail application. You can visit Google and create an email address for free.

You can make a yahoo account but it will still be able to be used as a email.. just don't login into your email

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