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Can you make a chain five times in a Yu-Gi-Oh game?

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Q: Can you make a chain five times in a Yu-Gi-Oh game?
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How do you complete the video game of yugioh?

It depends on which Yugioh game you are talking about.

The Yugioh bam pocket game it's a full Yugioh game with strategy?

The Yugioh Bam pocket game is a game that has strategy. This is a game that can go anywhere you go.

What is the best game to get?


What is yugioh brand?

Yugioh is made by Konami and Kazuki. Takahashi created the game.

How old is yugioh?

the game in the us started in 1996

The Yugioh 5ds in the future it coming to ios from psp or wii?

It is unknown if the game Yugioh 5 DS is coming out with a game for the PSP and Wii. You will just have to wait and see.

How do you duel jaden in Yugioh gx spirit callers?

you can duel him in story mode a few times but after you beat the game you can find him on the island somewere.

What is yugioh online?

its a game on the internet where you have to buy yugioh cards and duel point with you credit card if you ask me its point less

Are There Yu-Gi-Oh browsergames?

yes there is. you can download the latest yugioh browser game at yugioh-online

Is yu-gi-oh still popular?

Yugioh has become less popular due to the fact that Konami has changed the whole story of yugioh 3 times. They should have left it the same with yugi and the pharoah. When the final duel came and left, yugioh popularity went with it. The cards are interesting but most people are not that interested in the whole yugioh game anymore because it is not the same anymore!

Can you get Yu-Gi-Oh tag force for the wii?

I don't think so, but there is a recently released game based on the new Yugioh 5Ds game called "Yugioh 5Ds Wheelie Breakers". I don't know anything about it, as I do not own it, but it is thus far the only Yugioh game for the Wii.

What is a yu-gi-oh booster pass?

a yugioh booster pass is something you use on a yugioh online game

What card game begins with x or y or z?


When did yugioh start?

The trading card game began in 2002.

Is Yu-Gi-Oh 5ds a different game or the same as Yu-Gi-Oh and just aan addition to the game?

yugioh gx is basically the same as yugioh but in yugioh 5ds sometimes they duel on motorbikes (duel runners)

How do you win Yugioh?

Knowing the game well and how to play it is a key to winning Yugioh. Also, having a good deck and using strategy helps.

Is there a free online yugioh game that doesn't need to be downloaded?

nope.sorry :(

What is the best Yu-Gi-Oh gba game?

i think the Yugioh World Championship 2004 for GBA and also... any other Yugioh World Chanpionship game for GBA or DS

How do you restart your game for yugioh world championship 2007 on ds?

go to new game and press start!!..

What Yugioh gba game can you enter the card number and get the card in the game?

spirit cards and reshef of darkness

Is Jesse Anderson in yugioh gx beginning of destiny ps2 game?

No, he's not.

Where are the dark sighers at in Yugioh 5ds tag force 4?

they arent in that game

How good is yugioh?

If you mean "how fun is it to play", then... If you want to know if it's a good game, and you don't want to risk wasting your money, try the demo on

How do you use forbidden card in yugioh championship 2008 game for ds?

I don't own this game coz it hasn't come out in Australia yet but from what ive read you might have to beat jaden a heap of times or someone else

How do you get the god cards on yugioh world championship 2007 ds game?

i have the game and I'm pretty sure there is no way to get them.