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Q: Can you make a peach tree with a cutting?
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Is a peach tree a gymnosperm?

No, peach tree is an angiosperm.

Can you clone a peach tree?

no you can not clone a peach tree

How long does it take to grow a peach tree?

You can grow a peach tree from a seed or pit, that is the seed inside the peach, make sure you water it and let it have plenty of sunlight.

Is a peach tree a monocot or dicot?

a peach tree = dicot

What does a peach grow on?

A peach grows on a peach tree.

Where does peach grow?

On a peach tree.

Looks like a peach tree but isn't a peach tree?


When did Georgia become the peach tree state?

Georgia is not the peach tree state. It's the "Peach State".

What are the latin names of a peach tree?


What does peach-tree switchings mean?

getting wipping from a peach tree branch

When was The Peach Tree created?

The Peach Tree was created on 2011-10-07.

Can you grow a peach tree from a peach pit from a peach from Kroger?


How does cutting down trees affect floods?

cutting down tree's affect floods because the tree's are our nature and by cutting down tree's to make paper it can effect many things :h :) (3

How can a tree be killed without cutting it down?

There is a tree near my house which is causing problems to my house and surrounding. Would like to kill this tree without cutting, i mean to make it dry first and then cutting it.

What kind of root system does a peach tree have?

Usually they have peach tree root systems.

What are leafs on a peach tree called?

leaves.Answer.Strictly speaking they are called peach tree leaves.

Is a peach tree a flowering or cone-bearing plant?

A peach tree is a flowering plant.

When you plant a peach seed does it make a peach tree?

Yes, but it might not be the type of peach you ate. Most fruit trees are grafted onto different root stock so the fruit's seed doesn't always make the type of tree you might expect.

How do you plant a peach tree?

you get a peach seed and plant it

How do you plant a peach tree from a peach seed?

You can't plant a peach tree from a seed but you can growa peach tree from a seed.Just put the seed in the ground keep it watered if there is no rain. The peach tree that grows from the seed may not be a good tree and it may take years to produce fruit it is best to buy a grafted tree and plant that.

What tree do peaches grow on?

The peach tree.

Can you polinate a peach tree with a plum tree?


Is a peach tree a dicot?

Peach tree is a dicotyledon also called dicot. The tree produces a fruit also called peach with velvety skin and delicate flesh.

How a new company is created under peach tree?

what are the accounting methods used in peach tree

Is a peach tree vascular or non-vascular?

A peach tree is a vascular plant.