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"Bob posted his question of, and this spontaneous decision paid off."

"Annie loved her boyfriend but wished he was more spontaneous sometimes; she found their routine was growing dull."

"While many discount it as an urban legend, many people live in fear of spontaneous human combustion; that is to say, suddenly and for no reason bursting into flames, leaving nothing behind but a smoking pair of fluffy slippers."

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Q: Can you make a sentence with spontaneous?
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How do you make a sentence by using the word Spontaneous?

There was a spontaneous reaction of elation when the local lottery syndicate won one million pounds.

What is a sentence for spontaneous generation?

We're part of such a spontaneous generation!

Can you put spontaneous in a sentence?

I'm not sure that I am spontaneous enough to answer this question.

Spontaneous in a sentence?

Tom was admired for his originality, spontaneity and creativity.

How do you put spontaneous in a sentence?

The firework display was spontaneous She was acting like she was spontaneous Then there's other sentences like Spontaneously she dissappeared

Can you give me a sentence using the word spontaneous?

My remarks are spontaneous since I did not prepare a speech in advance.

What is a sentence for the word spontaneous?

She was very spontaneous in her life, going wherever her whims might take her. The spontaneous reaction of sodium and water can be very dangerous.

Can you put the word spontaneous in a sentence?

John Smith's word is sound but lacks that spontaneous touch of originality and creativity that I would have hoped for.

How do you say spontaneity in a sentence?

Spontaneous is a word that would be replaced by "random" today. It means to be "fresh", "off the wall", and rather joyful. It can also mean "instantaneous." "Ellen and Elizabeth fell into a spontaneous conversation about boys." "Spontaneous combustion is always a danger with heat and petroleum products." "Jane has a knack for finding spontaneous fun."

How do use combustion in a sentence?

These oily rags are subject to spontaneous combustion.

How do you use spontaneously in a sentence?

The speaker was pleased with the spontaneous applause from the audience. Spontaneous is an adjective. Other words for spontaneous are impulsive, unplanned, and unrehearsed.

What is a sentence using uninhibited?

"Uninhibited" is an adjective. The following sentence illustrates its use:Her spontaneous and uninhibited dancing captured my attention.