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No Excel is limited to around 60000 columns and the rows only go to ZZ

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Q: Can you make an infinite number of columns and rows in Excel?
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What three elements indicate an Excel table is created in a worksheet?

Header Row, Banded Row and Calculated Columns make up an Excel Table.

How do you change the titles of columns and rows?

You click on the cell you want to change and make your changes. If you are asking about how to change the letters at the top of columns and numbers to the left of rows in Excel, you can not.

List command to turn on columns?

There is no list command in Excel to turn on columns. All Excel columns are always on, they just may be hidden. If this does not answer your question, please ask again using words that make it clear what you would like to know, and ensure the question is in the correct category, so you can get a meaningful response.

What are the benefits of Microsoft Excel?

excel helps us to make our calculations faster and we can draw conclusions faster by making graphs, pie charts. The layout of Rows and Columns makes it very useful for Accounting calculations and bookkeeping. The columns can be summed for a total or added to other columns. The data can be sorted easily. This is useful for lists of addresses and other type of data banks.

The letters at the top of an Excel worksheet that designate the columns?

This is an incomplete sentance, not a question. Ask again, using words that make it clear what you what to know.

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