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collect from factories or buildings and take to recycling plants

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Q: Can you make money recycling cardboard?
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How does recycling cardboard help the environment?

we can make a gift from the cardboard instead of buying it .it will save money.

Can I bring any kind of paper to a cardboard recycling center?

Only cardboard can be brought to a cardboard recycling center

what is the going rate for recycling cardboard?

Recycling cardboard is $0.25 per square inch.

How much is paid for recycling cardboard?

It is actually possible to make $100-$300 per day recycling carboard.

I want to learn about recycling cardboard. Can someone help Greg?

The two main types of cardboard that are most likely to be recycled in your area are: Flat cardboard like shoe and cereal boxes and cardboard like what is often used in packaging. Make sure to contact your local recycling facility to see if they will take both of those types of cardboard and also inquire about wax covered cardboard like milk or juice cartons. Make sure you break down the cardboard before putting it in your recycling bin.

How many trees saved by recycling cardboard?

By recycling one small adverage cardboard box saves 5 trees

Can you get cash for cardboard recycling?


Advantages of recycling cardboard?

There are plenty of advantages to recycling cardboard including the cutting down of less trees. Recycling also means that there is less burning or dumping waste.

you can get PAID to recycle cardboard tell me more! ?

Yes, you can get money for recycling cardboard but you need to take it to a center. You should call first and see if they take the cardboard because most take cans or plastics.

What kind of paper products can I bring to cardboard recycling centers?

Cardboard and paper are the two major options here, but some cardboard recycling centers may allow more.

Can you make money off of recycling?

yes you can by giving it to a recycling company.

Can you make money off recycling?

yes you can by giving it to a recycling company.

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