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Q: Can you make new Pokemon on Pokemon Diamond?
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Where do you new Pokemon in Pokemon Diamond?

you start a new game or catch pokemon!

Pokemon Diamond how can you make shaymin evolve?

Shaymin does not evolve in Pokemon Diamond.

When you make a Pokรฉmon trade how can you find the new Pokรฉmon in Pokรฉmon diamond?

It Will Ether Be in your Pokemon party, or somewhere in your box, were the Pokemon that you traded was

In Pokemon Diamond and Pearl the new Pokemon are cool because?

The new deck of Pokemon are awesome!!!!

What kind of Pokemon are in Pokemon Diamond?

New and old.

Is there a code for Pokemon diamond action replay code to make all of your Pokemon shadows?

not yet but when the new action replay comes out there might be P.S. also because there is no such thing as shadow Pokemon in diamond and pearl

How do you create new city on Pokemon diamond?

It's impossible to make one unless you are the creator or something.

Are there any new Pokemon in platinum?

NO, THERE ISNT! -_- only new forms, and its a mix betwean the Pokemon in pearl and diamond, but no new Pokemon. ^_^

Can you trade a non Sinnoh dex Pokemon like ralts to a new game in Pokemon diamond from Pokemon diamond or pearl?

yes it can be traded

How do you make a Pokemon friendly in Pokemon Diamond?

luxuray ball

How do you clone Pokemon without action replay in Pokemon Diamond?

i have Pokemon diamond, and played 600 hours. its not possible. but you can catch a ditto, and make Pokemon eggs.

Can you swap diamond and pearl Pokemon to Pokemon Platinum?

well yes but if platinum were to have new Pokemon or new movesthen youd have to take that Pokemon and Pokemon with new move out of your party.

When is the next new show of Pokemon?

Pokemon diamond & pearl

How do you make a new account with out deleting your account on Pokemon diamond?

No you can't, you could make only 1 account in all Pokémon games

How do you get new action replay codes for Pokemon diamond?

every week they put new codes for diamond and pearl www. cheat replay Pokemon

Pokemon diamond how to get to new regions?

there is no way to

What is the action replay code for wonder guard on Pokemon Diamond?

get pokesav from and make a cheat for pokemon you want in pokemon diamond. ----

How do you make your Pokemon shiny on Pokemon Diamond?

buy an AR and get the code for shiny pokemon

How do you get your Pokemon to have wonderguard in Pokemon Diamond?, make your own pokemon! Works with the AR

Is there a AR cheat for Pokemon Diamond that make wild Pokemon shadow Pokemon?

no, sorry

Can you make a Pokemon crater in Pokemon diamond?

no im sorry but you can't.

Where is Darkrai running around in Pokemon Diamond?

Darkrai does not run around in Pokemon Diamond. Darkrai is usually on New Moon Island.

Is there going to be another Pokemon game featuring unova Pokemon?

Probably. With Diamond and Pearl, which was then the new region, the "sequel" is Platinum. Probably with the two new ones, Black and White, they will also make a sequel.

How do you get an aipom on Pokemon ruby?

You can't. its one of the new Pokemon for diamond and pearl.

Are there any new Pokemon in Pokemon platinu?

no, the same ones as in diamond and pearl