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yes you can make spurm come out your butt hole if it feels good when your having sex

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What are 4 key points about frog reproduction?

The both frogs have sex then when the come out the male puts its spurm on the eggs

Can you make yourself spurm?

Yes, but only if you are male and have not been castrated. You will have to ejaculate until you sperm.

Can lezbians get pregnant with no spurm?


What color is spurm?

whitish clearish

How does puberty work?

it makes your penis have spurm

What is the solute and solvent of toothpaste?

spurm and a vigina

How does mongoose mate?

the male mongoose mates with mongoose to make him self happy and the mongoose spurm goses into the females butt

How do you get spurm?

u stick it out and wait till ur really ready dig it make the girls wonder like i do smooth huh

Can a girl get pregnant of a small amount of spurm go in her?


What happens to girl when she drink man spurm?

she gets pregnent

Can I get pregnant if my partner rub his penis and came just outside my vagina?

Yes you can because if he jackulates or releases spurm, the spurm can find its way into the vagina and find a egg. So its possible you can get pregnant.

Does slimey stuff come out a male dog penis after being mated?

Uh... yes that is the spurm of the male dog. It is needed for the female to have babies. (ew....) I hope this.... helped..... ~Amythefairy

Is milk a cow's spurm?

First off, I am assuming you mean sperm, not spurm. No it is not, since a "cow" is typically the female gender connotation. A cow's milk is just that, the fluid it produces to feed and nourish their young.

How does a queen bee give birth?

by mating with a male bee that can produce spurm.

How does the spurm get in the vagina?

the sperm comes out of the penis, during sex, and goes into the vagina

Can you drink spurm?

yeah, to some people it tastes horrible, to others it tastes good

Can you get pragnent after getting spurm from your mouth?

Pregnancy cannot occur due to ingesting sperm.

Guys produce spurm then what do girls produce?

They produce the egg, and they also produce estrogen.

Can you gat pregnant at 9 years old?

if u have a period and if the boy has spurm than yes

How do ovaries help prepare the body for pregnancy?

when the ovary drops into the womb blood starts to collect inside the womb, if a spurm is not in the womb from a man then it all gets pushed out the vagina and that is a period. however if there is a spurm, the spurm and ovary get stuck together and stick to the blood in the womb, then it starts developing into more and more cells this turns into a baby. you get identical twins if the ovary splits in half then you need two spurm (one for each half) to create two babies, they are identical because they are out of the same ovary, you get non identical twins if two eggs drop at the same time. this only happens once a month and only in women... xxx

When does a 12 year old start getting spurm in his sack?

Yes i know cause they have some on my face

If i put spurm on vagina whai will happen?

nothig will happen and you are a idiot because you dont know the spelling of sperm.

Is spurm edible?

Sperm is edible but you may end up pregnant if you are female, this will only happen if you did not kill the sperm in the mouth.

Is it true that badger spurm if consumed through the rectum can give you the strange ability to comunicate with goat penises?

Yes, yes it is.

Were do cakes come from?

Where did cakes come from? Who was first to make them? What year did they come out in? Where did cakes come from? Who was first to make them? What year did they come out in?