Can you make thermal energy

Updated: 9/17/2023
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No. The law of conservation of energy states that energy can not be created or destroyed. However, energy transfers can result in thermal energy.

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Q: Can you make thermal energy
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How does the sun make thermal energy?

Yes the sun does produce thermal energy.

How does thermal energy make heat?

Thermal energy doesn't actually make heat. We just feel it as heat.

IS Thermal energy is kinetic energy or potential energy?

Thermal energy in a substance is kinetic energy of the molecules that make up the substance.

Is chemical energy used with thermal energy?

Chemical energy is often used to release thermal energy; that is the main reason why people make fires.

How are thermal energy and temperature alike?

If you increase temperature you increase thermal energy.If you double the amount you have the temperature does not change but the thermal energy does.Temperature and thermal energy are the same since they both use kinetic energy. Temperature uses the thermal energy when the heat measures the average of the kinetic energy. The thermal energy uses the kinetic energy, when it's averged together with the kinetic enery and the others to make the thermal energy.==========================Answer #2:Wow !Temperature is to thermal energy as depth is to water.

What type energy is changed to thermal energy when you rub your hands together?

Mechanical energy is changed to thermal energy. This is when you are rubbing your hands together to make heat.

What type of energy does a toaster produce?

It uses electrical energy to make thermal energy.

What is the name of the thermal energy that moves from a warmer object to a cooler one?

"Thermal energy" or "heat"."Thermal energy" or "heat"."Thermal energy" or "heat"."Thermal energy" or "heat".

Which energy increases as temperature increases?

The thermal energy.The thermal energy.The thermal energy.The thermal energy.

What kind of energy is a cup of coffee?

Hot cocoa is a substance, not a form of energy. It possesses energy: heat energy and chemical energy.

What are some examples of thermal energy in you home?

some examples of thermal energy you could find in your home are light bulbs, microwaves, and even you can make thermal energy when you walk across a carpet in socks, creating friction.

How can thermal energy be used to make kinetic energy?

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