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first you play with your two hamsters in the same cage for about 2 days. then change your time to a year later. the shopkeeper will say your hamster is pregnant. then save and go back to the settings and change it to ten days later. your hamster should have a baby.

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Q: Can you make your hamster have their baby faster in hamsterz life 2?
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Can you watch your hamster have her baby in petz hamsterz life 2?

No, the baby will just show up :(.

How do you get the Panda Hamster in Hamsterz life?

I think it's fake

Hamsterz life 2 walkthrough?

all you do is care for your hamster

Can you hold a hamster on hamsterz 2?

sort of. you don't have a person on hamsterz life 2 so no but yes because if your hamster is in a good mood you can pick your hamster up by clicking on your hamster for 1 second.

Does it make different noises when you hamster is pregnant on Hamsterz Life 2?

nope :)

Hamsterz life panda?

There is a panda bear hamster but you have to unlock it by chatting ALOT!

How do you get a baby hamster in hamsterz life 2?

First your hamster must be an adult and then you have to partner your hamster up. You must put both the hamsters into one cage and set up a partnership between them. It may take some time before the hamster becomes pregnant.

In hamsterz life 2 when you pet your hamster and lighting comes out what does that mean?

The reason why lightning comes out is because the hamster is sad or angry about how you treat it or what has happened to it before

What are the breeds of hamsters in Hamsterz Life 2?

In the book at the store it says the breeds are: Golden Hamster Dwarf Hamster Cambell Hamster Roborovski Hamster ...And I think there is more. That's just what it says. Hope this helps! :)

When did Hamsterz Life happen?

Hamsterz Life happened in 2006.

Why does my hamster shoot lightning at me in Hamsterz life 2?

it means they are angry at u like uve touched then and uve hurt them

How do your get your hamsterz to age faster in hamsters life 2?

Change the day on your ds homescreen. Source: Me!