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yes you can

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โˆ™ 2009-12-04 14:22:06
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Q: Can you make your old penguin a member on club penguin?
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Can you name me a old member in club penguin?


Become a Club penguin member with out paying?

Well, if you want to be a member without paying you can do that in the old club penguin, but now that Disney bought club penguin, well, now you have to pay. Sorry!

Can you get on the old Club Penguin?

Not on the current Club Penguin but I think that they have old Club Penguin on Penguin Chat.

Can you make an old penguin on Club Penguin?

No, every penguin starts out with its first day old but you can make him look old by buying a beard from the penguin style.

What is a club penguin member account?

A club penguin account is a virtual game where you are a penguin and explore areas. You can meet with new people or find your old friends.

How do you get the black hoddie on Club Penguins?

well you have to become a member to buy it and its in the old club penguin catalog

Does anyone have a old member club penguin account?

Username: Harrysnoterr Password: HarryPotter

How can you get all Club Penguin items?

lol u have to be a member for that are u im a member and duble member and im 1020days old

How old do you have to be to become a member on club penguin?

I don't think you have to be any age. It is owned by Disney

How do you get the colorful membership badge on Club Penguin?

its impossible if you mean the membership and under it is colors there is a way you have to be a member at least 3 times or be very old in club penguin.

On club penguin how old do you have to be to get all the stripes?

well on club penguin you dont have to be old it dosent matter how old your penguin is but it does matter if you want to be a tour guide i had the stripes except later someone banned my penguin forever but you could get the stripes for your penguin anyday unless its in the catalog you need a member ship for that

Is there an old party place on Club Penguin?

No, there is no old party place on club penguin

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