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How long can you wait to go into labor after you have had your membrains stripped?

Having your membranes stripped does not always work. I had mine scraped and never went into labor. They may have to do it more than once or just break your water to make you go into labor.

What does it mean for a woman's water to break during pregnancy?

It means she is about to go in labor .

When you go in to labor does your water break before contractions?

Sometimes yes. Sometimes no.

How do you go into labor?

You dont! the baby comes and ur water breaks and theres no way you can make yourself go into labor.

How long after you break your water will you go into labor?

Sometimes the water breaks prematurely and you don't go into labor. This can be very dangerous as there is now a path for infection to get to the baby. If you think your waters have broken go to the hospital as if you haven't gone into labor within 18 hours you will need to be given antibiotics. Well whenever I went into labor, they had to break my water so I wouldn't really know. But what i am sure of is if it does break, you need to go to the doctor right away, they told me the baby should be delivered no later than 24 hours after the water breaks because of the danger it's putting the baby in.

How do you make you go into labor?

you make you go into labor by taking you stuff sometimes

Can the hot heat cause you to go into labor?

Yes it can make u go into labor

Can you make a pregnant woman go into labor by putting there hand in worm water while sleeping?


Should you immediately talk to your doctor after you lose your mucus plug?

Yes! Immediately! Losing your mucous plug means that your water is about to break and you are about to go into labor.

Im 9 months pregnant how can I go into labor quick?

Nothing you do will make you go into labor until your body is ready to go into labor

How do you make yourself go into labor?

you should walk or your labor will be awlful

What will make you go in labor early?


Can pumping your breast make you go in labor?


Difference between true and false labor?

false labor the contractions are irregular and don't last very long, true labor they are regular and increase in intensity. Also, before you go into labor you'll have your water break and a few days before hand, you'll experience the baby dropping into the birthing position.

Can you scare a dog and make her go into labor?

You can scare a dog and drive it into early labor.

Can you scare a dog and make her go into labor-?

It is not advised to attempt to scare a dog into labor. They will go into it when the time is right for them naturally.

Can drinking vinegar make you go into labor?

Yes it can

Things that will make you go into labor?

been looking for things that will put in labor. what should I try?

Can a hot tub make y give birth?

Some birthing centers use a hot tub for labor and delivery. It is called a water birth. A hot tub in itself can not make you go into labor, it can alleviate the pains of labor if done correctly in a controlled environment like a birthing center.

Will penrose oil make you go into labor?

You have to be pregnant first.

Could ultrasound late in pregnancy make you go into labor?


Are there any sneak peaks for make it or break it season 2?

Yes, there are two. Go to and click on Make it or Break it. Then click watch and go to previews.

Do you have to drink the cod liver oil warm in order to go into labor because im already 2cm?

Cod liver oil will not make you go into labor or have any effect on the labor you are already in.

In make it or break it does Emily go to nationals?


What hormone is given to a pregnant woman to make her go into labor?