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  • I have a lot of large swollen taste buds on the very back of my tongue and am wondering the same.
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Marijuana in and of itself will not effect the taste buds. However, marijuana can increase your appetite, making food more appealing.

I have never heard of this, but hot food,drinks can make them inflamed,swollen.

There are many known causes for swollen taste buds. A few swollen taste buds causes are listed belowOne of the basic causes for swollen taste buds is eating very hot food, that may irritate or burn the taste bud causing swelling.Having very spicy or salty food is also known to cause swelling of the taste buds.Exposure to toxins like alcohol, tobacco smoke, insecticides, etc.Allergies to certain food stuffs or eating acidic foods like lemons, grapefruit, some sauces.Another cause for swollen taste buds is a gastric condition called acid reflux disease.Tongue ulcers or mouth ulcers due to thrush or any yeast infection can cause inflamed taste buds.Certain mineral or vitamin deficiency like B complex vitamin deficiency can also cause swollen taste buds.Other causes for swollen taste buds are trauma caused to the tongue or taste buds by biting, infection of the stomach or allergy that may cause inflammation to the entire esophagus.Source:

No they do not have taste buds, but they can still taste

Papillae arn't taste buds. Taste buds are in the papillae.

The different taste buds are the cellulite taste buds, the cobolosal taste buds and the pencil shavings taste buds . I hope my answers help you in future.

Swollen taste buds and a sore throat could be a sign of an infection. These infections could be a strep throat, mono or coxsackie. A physician would be able to do an examination to get a better idea of the issue.

Yes your taste buds can taste mayonnaise, unless all of your taste buds are dead, than you cant taste anything.

Your taste buds don't specifically change when you become sick. The flavors of food seem to change when you are sick due to your sinuses. Since sense of smell and taste are so closely related, when your sinuses become inflamed, it affects your sense of smell...thus affecting your sense of taste.

No, there are no taste buds in your nose.

yes they do have taste buds

White bumps on the tongue are most often the result of overly acidic, spicy, or hot foods that irritate your taste buds. Those taste buds become inflamed and grow little white heads to show how angry they are.

No , it cannot eat out your taste buds because your taste buds is not fragile .

ants have taste buds but cannot taste like we can !

The only differene between adults taste buds and children taste buds are that children have more taste buds.

Almost every body has taste buds but girls have more than boys. There are no actual girl taste buds nor boy taste buds.

nothing it happens naturally

yes bees have taste buds .

there are 10,000 taste buds .

There are a great many things that can numb your taste buds. Orajel can numb your taste buds for example.

i do not think that you can have your taste buds removed. without your taste buds, you won't taste anything while you are chewing or eating something.

Yes. Cats and dogs have taste buds, though cats lack the taste buds for sweetness.

taste buds are used for tasting, if we didn't have taste buds then we would not taste any flavors at all. it is one of our 5 senses.

Flavor and taste buds can be used when referring to sense of taste. Sense of taste can also be referred to as your taste buds. Taste buds can be used in place of the term, sense of taste.

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