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You can miss a period while using Paragard, just as you can miss a period when not using Birth Control. Take a pregnancy test.

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Q: Can you miss a period while using the paragard IUD?
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Can paragard cause a missed period?

Paragard does not cause missed periods. If you miss a period on Paragard you should take a pregnancy test as soon as possible.No, it's not mormal.I read that if it's late you should see your healthcare provider because you might be pregnant.

If you miss your period while on birth control do you continue to the next pack?

No, if you miss your period on the pill you should go see your doctor immediately.

I miss my period on depo after the second shot could I be pregnant?

It is common to have no period when using Depo Provera.

Is it normal to miss your period the next month while taking Yaz birth control?

I've been on yaz for 5 months and never miss a period

Is it true that having a crush can make you miss your period?

No, it's not possible to miss your period if you just have a crush on someone. Not even being in love makes you miss it, only being pregnant. And when you first get your period they are not regular, it takes a while for them to become regular.

Is it normal to bleed before your period while on the pill?

yes, if you miss a pill or two.

When you start using birth control is it possible to miss your period?

Yes, but you shouldn't. Talk to your doctor.

Is it a common side effect to have a missed period while using Amoxicillin?

No, it isn't supposed to make you miss a period. But if you are on the pill, Amoxicillin can make them less effective and you could have gotten pregnant. You should take a test or go see a doctor.

What are the chances you will miss your first period while just starting to take the pill?

There is a very small chance you may miss your first period after starting the pill, but if you don't miss any pills then you shouldn't miss your period - still it does sometimes happen. Usually though most women will experience some form a vaginal bleeding.

Can you be sure as to why you missed a period while on birth control?

Some women miss periods as a side effect of birth control. some women miss complete periods while on birth control.

Can stress cause you to miss your period?

Yes. Stress can cause you to miss your period.

How can you get your period a week early using birth control?

Your period will arrive early if you miss pills but doing this is risky as you wont be protected against pregnancy.

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