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Benadryl is incompatible with Haldol, do not mix.

Compatibility is unknown between Benadryl and Ativan, do not mix.

Ativan is compatible with Haldol, ok to mix.

To prepare and serve a B52=Haldol and Ativan in one syringe, Benadryl in another.

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Can you mix Haldol and Ativan in the same syringe for injection?

It is not advised to mix medication in the same syringe . Haldol and Ativan are compatible, and usually given in the same syringe. There are no contraindications, to this.

Can you mix Benadryl with Ativan im?

Benadryl can be mixed with haldol, but not with Ativan

Can you mix haldol and ativan with benadryl?

You can if you can get your hand to your mouth after taking the Haldol!

What is meant by syringe compatibility of drugs?

Syringe compatibility is simply whether you can mix medications in the same syringe

Can you mix geodon and lorazepam in the same syringe?

no its not good to mix any drugs together in a syringe inless its in a IV bag mixed by a professional but deffinitly dont mix in a single syringe

Can you mix azithromycin and Benadryl?

can you mix benadryl and azithromycin

Can you mix Ativan and xanax?

A person should not mix Ativan and Xanax. This is because the two drugs work with the body in the same way and could cause an overdose.

Can you take Benadryl with ciprofloxacin?

Can you mix ciprofloxacin with Benadryl

Can you mix Advil and Benadryl?

Yes, it is just ibuprofen and diphenhydramine, the same ingredients in Advil P.M.

Can you mix cyclobenzaprine with Benadryl?

i all ready had taking cyclobenzaprine today can can i still take a benadryl

Can you take Lexapro and Ativan and Zyprexa together?

Ativan and Zyprexa do not mix and can cause serious health issues including death.

Can you mix benadryl and antibiotic?

it is not recomendable to mix pharmacy drugs and may have some side affects

Is it ok to mix Ativan and haldol?

Only if the physician says it is permissible.

What happens when you mix Ativan with wine?

I have taken 5 glasses of wine and 1mg Ativan before going to sleep...I slept like a baby! The problem is if you increase the Ativan dose, I read it can be lethal!

Is it safe to mix Darvocet and Benadryl together?

You can mix them, but only do so every 4 to 6 hours.

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