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With care. The mechanics are interesting. I recently flushed out an old 25 litre drum of hydraulic oil using unleaded petrol. I put in a pint, flushed with the cap on tight, and the pressure rise was massive. The cap blew right off as I released it. Same is true, to a lesser extent as you mix with diesel.

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Q: Can you mix hydraulic oil and diesel?
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Can you mix hydraulic oil in engine oil in a Cat C-15?

you can not mix hydraulic oil in engine oil because if you do a fire will occure and then you will blow up in a million pieces.

What will happen if hydraulic fluid is put into the diesel tank?

A small amount of hydraulic oil mixed with a full tank of diesel fuel, nothing.

Can you mix oil to diesel for a diesel fire fuel?

Yes you can mix oil and diesel for burning brush and stuff just don't put it in any engines!

What chemical can you mix with diesel for diesel engine?

apparently cooking oil with diesel

Can you mix biodiesel and gasoline?

no,you can not mix diesel and gas diesel is like the oil that heats our homes.

Is it harmful to mix regular motor oil with hydraulic oil?

yes very

Is it ok if diesel gets mixed with hydraulic oil?

Depends on what the hydraulic oil is going to be used for, if you are going to use the hydraulic fluid in a really pressurized system, i would definitely drain it and discard it, that diesel fuel will dilute and break down the properties of the oil where it could be dangerous to use

Can you mix diesel oil with non diesel oil?

I am not sure what you are asking but putting oil for diesel engines in a gasoline engine with some oil in it would not be good, or vise versa

What happens if you mix diesel oil and motor oil?

not much. it would change the viscosity of the oil. the diesel oil is much thicker than regular engine oil.

Can you mix synthetic with a synthetic blend in your diesel?

Yes, you can also mix it with conventional oil creating a blend.

Can you mix diesel with heating oil?

what type of "HEATING OIL" #2 #4 #6 (Bunker C )

Why Water mix with engine oil in diesel engine?

Blown head gasket

What is the solubility of diesel in water?

Diesel has essentially zero solubility in water. That is the origin of the saying, "oil and water don't mix."

What oil should you use in your simplicity tractor transaxle?

If it is the Toyosha diesel model, use a trans/hydraulic fluid.

Which oil are used in hydraulic brakes?

hydraulic oil

Can I use hydraulic fluid for a substitute for hydraulic oil in a bobcat skid-steer?

Hydraulic fluid and hydraulic oil are one in the same.

Can you mix diesel fuel with home heating oil without harm to furnace?


Can you mix oil and gas to run in diesel?

No - they are not designed to run on gasoline. You need diesel fuel or some can be run on vegetable oil or cooking oil but not gas it will wreck your engine. It detinates too hot.

Where is the hydraulic oil reservoir?

emolliating hydraulic oil in the lowest part of the hydraulic system.

What happens when you mix hydraulic fluid with gas?

How much hydraulic fluid with how much gasoline makes a big difference and was some hydraulic oil mixed into the gas tank or was some gasoline mixed with the hydraulic tank. More info please.

Is hydraulic fluid and hydraulic oil the same thing?

Hydraulic oil and hydraulic fluid are different. Hydraulic fluid is used in small systems such as car brakes. Hydraulic oil is used in large systems such as loaders.

What happens when you put diesel in hydraulic tank?

Depends on the amount, and the type of hydraulic fluid already in there. If the diesel blends with hydraulic and is a small amount to the whole volume, then it's no problem. If the diesel doesn't blend, if it curdles or something them you need to drain the lot. If it's a lot of diesel to a small amount of hydraulic pumps and motors might seize, as diesel is a rather poor lubricant. Diesel is also likely to be runnier than the hydraulic fluid, which is likely to reduce the performance of the system.

What will happen if I put a little gas in the hydraulic tank?

Diesel fuel is thin, like water. If you mix the two, the hydraulic fluid will become thin.It shourld probably drain the reservoir and refill with new fluid.

Is hydraulic fluid and hydraulic oil the same?

fluid and hydraulic oil the same thing

Can you mix methanol with diesel in your engine?

methanol and diesel dont mix

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Can you mix hydraulic fluid with motor oil?

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