Emancipation and Ages for Moving Out

Can you move in with an aunt at 16 in Pennsylvania?


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Not without parental consent.

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Yes you can but you have to be able to provide for you and you're sone

No they may not. You have to be an adult, 18 in Pennsylvania, to move out unless the parents allow it.

you cant move in with my aunt but you can move in to your aunt's with parental consent.

Legally no a 16 year old cannot move in with her best friend to get away from her aunt. You are still a minor. You can go to Child Aid and ask for help and be placed with either another relative or, if your best friend's parents agree possibly live with them.

You can move out when you become an adult. In Pennsylvania that is when you turn 18.

No, in Pennsylvania a minor cannot move out of their parents home until they reach 18 years old. A 16 year old could be considered a runaway if they leave home.

A minor can move to a different state to live with an aunt as long as they have permission from their parents.

John, moved in with his aunt Mimi at the age of four.

Pennsylvania is 16 hours behind Fiji. Fiji is 16 hours ahead of Pennsylvania.

Yes, if they have parental permission. The key here is the age of majority, 18, in Pennsylvania. If they are an adult, the parents are no longer responsible.

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No, not unless she files for emancipation. Most states do not allow that until the age of 16. Otherwise the legal age to move out with the exception of four states is 18. In Alabama and Nebraska it is 19, in Mississippi and Pennsylvania it is 21.

they live in pennsylvania i supose norristown

It's illegal for a minor to move without their parents' permission. If your parents are okay with it and your aunt is willing, then go for it.

To move out in the state of Pennsylvania you have to be 18.

The age of consent in Pennsylvania is 16...so yes.

Pennsylvania do not have early emancipation. but even if they did the court would not emancipate you so you can live with your aunt. The requirements are usually living on your own, having a job, finish school, pay your own bills etc.

If she has to provide fro you it means you can not take care of yourself which means you do not fulfill the criteria for emancipation.

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Not without the permission of your parents. Being 16 does not mean you're an "almost an adult" and thus deserve adult rights. A sign of maturity is addressing the problems you are faing at home and handling them

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