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Can you move out of your parents' house even if nothing wrong has happened?

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For most people in the Western world, no. The age of majority is 18. You will need parental consent to leave home.

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Why is is important for children to honor their parents?

it is very important for children to honor there parents because the parents made them and gave them life. They should respect them because they would have nothing if it was not for their parents. So disrespecting your parents is very wrong

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Well if you are not stalking anyone then you did nothing wrong... you should ask your parents for help with that, explain the situation and then have them help you take steps to make sure that whoever accused you does not bother you. Again, if you did nothing wrong you should have nothing to worry about.

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Expect punishment from your parents because you know what you did is wrong. Your friend's parents could get in legal trouble.

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