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Greek mythology names used in modern day

Apollo theater

herculean task

achilles tendon










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Q: Can you name 15 examples of Greek Mythology in Modern Day Times?
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When was Greek mythology most popular?

In the Greek times.

Is Greek mythology evil?

No, it is not. It is ignorant and arrogant of an individual or organization to think such about the different beliefs and lifestyles of others, in times ancient or modern.

When did Greek mythology start?

In Ancient Greece times.

How many Greeks believe in mythology?

I don't know about in modern times, but in Ancient times, virtually all Greeks believed in their gods, which we call Greek Mythology. For the Greeks, their religion was much more important in their lives than religion is for many people today. In fact, their religion was a lifestyle for them. As for modern days, I'm hazarding the guess that there are a lot less people who are greek or live in Greece that believe in ancient Greek Mythology. Hope I helped! :)

What is Greek mytholoy?

Greek mythology is a system of myths that was built by the ancient Greeks to explain the system of the world. In it there are many gods, titans and mortal heros that help to explain why certain events take place. Greek mythology was somewhat of a religion in ancient times, but is now studied and revered for the extreme complication of the system. Many modern things are still closely related to greek mythology.

When did Greek mythology accour?

It occurred back in ancient Greek times. I hope I answered your question!

Are the toys children have now similar to the ones in Greek mythology times?


Did they have bakers in Greek mythology times?

Technically the times of Greek myths are all fictional. So there was never really a set time for them to happen.

Is Ares considered a modern mythology figure?

No, hew was a god from ancient times.

What was the modern city of Istanbul was called in Greek times?


Are there movies like Percy Jackson and The Olympians The Lightning Thief that are about Greek mythology?

Clash of the Titans is a movie containing info on Greek mythology. It has been re-made many times, and a new version is coming out soon.

Around what time was Greek mythology started?

It was not started at any one time. It is a set of beliefs of ancient Greek peoples, with roots in prehistoric times.

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