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Can you only get one leginday dog in Pokemon Crystal?



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No, you have three legendary dogs; Suicune, Raikou and Entei. Once you defeat Team Rocket when they take over Goldenrod's Radio Tower (did that make sense?), the director will give you a clear bell, then you can go to tin tower, defeat the Wise Trio, and go down the path to the entrance. There you will see the three legendary dogs. You will scare away Raikou and Entei, but Suicune will battle you. NB: If you want Ho-oh, then you have to catch all three legendary dogs first. you can find them in maghony town go in the feilds and use sweet scent

suicune can be found in the tin tower if you have a clear bell, as you appear to have found out, also you don't need sweet scent, you just walk around finding them. once you find them in mahogany you need to use the pokedex to follow them around and catch them, you just fly around finding them and eventually the Pokemon will stop moving and you find them in the wild, make sure you can put them to sleep then hurt them down to the red and then catch them, unless you wanna use your master ball that you get from getting all 8 badges then going to professor elm