Can you open an iTunes account with a iTunes giftcard?


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Yes you can. When you enter the iTunes store, go to QUICK LINKS and click the 'redeem' option, then type the 16-digit code printed on the back of your iTunes gift card and iTunes program will create a new account for you.

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You HAVE to create a account to use a itunes giftcard

No, you can only redeem an iTunes gift card to one account

1. download the latest version of iTunes, if its not already on your computer. 2. Open iTunes 3. Open iTunes store in iTunes 4. click on redeem (top right hand corner) 5. type in code on gift card 6. create account 7. buy music

The pin on the itunes giftcard is located on the back. There is a scratch-off black strip with the pin underneath.

You can buy an itunes giftcard from a store. Try to create an account, when it says : type of payment. You should click on giftcard( it says something like this) and then type in your code. To redeem it. theirs a triangle next to your account and click on the button that says redeem. Then enter your new code :)

When you open up the window for the homepage of the iTunes store, log in if you're not already. As soon as that is done, your current balance should show up in a box next to your email address (which doubles as your account name). Usually, if you have not redeemed a giftcard, your balance will read "$0.00."

For authentic iTunes-GiftCards for the US iTunes store, directly from Apple, go to iTunes-GiftCards.com

You have to buy one first.

Either put your credit card information under "Account" or buy an iTunes giftcard (from an Apple store, the Apple online store or possibly from 7-11's etc), click "Redeem" and enter your code.

Itunes giftcard, store giftcard, music cd if they're like 12 or up

Don't do this. Go and buy a card yourself

Yes, go to amazon.com(you need an amazon account and put the giftcard code in your account)and type ebay giftcards.

Plug your iPhone into your PC and open itunes, click you device and click summary.

First of all, you must have itunes, and an apple account. (Your email will be the username, and you will get to coose your own password. don't use a fake email, because you will have to click on a link in your email account to activate the itunes account). When you are logged into itunes, you must go to "home." On the top right hand side of the screen it will display your email, to show that you are logged in. Under that, there will be a column wit account options. One of the options listed is "redeeming giftcards. Click on the link, and follow alldirections from there. ~goodluck~

u can get a FREE itunes giftcard by getting the FREE app called app trailors, you watch videos to get free things, i promise this is NO scam but i will be honest, it takes a while to rack up them points but you can get them

in iTunes on a computer the Redeem link is on the right hand side of the iTunes store home page listed under Quick Links. On the iTunes or App Store apps on an i-Phone/Touch/Pad the Redeem button can be found by scrolling to the bottom of the page. Click the Redeem button and enter the code from the card as instructed.

If you plug it in to your iTunes account it should open for you. Once it is open, change the passcode.

Look at the code on the back. Go into the itunes store and click redeem, it should be on the side somewhere. Type in the code. Itsthateasy

You do not need an iTunes gift card to make an iTunes account. However, you need an iTunes gift card to download music through your iTunes account.

iTunes FreeNo, you don't have to pay to have an iTunes account.

An Itunes account is free

An iTunes account password is used in conjunction with your Apple ID, to sign into iTunes. It is one of the various ways to secure your iTunes account.

How do you put money on your itunes account.

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