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Yes. To open a business in America, no degree whatsoever is required. * Small Business Administration of America,

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Q: Can you open your own business with an associates degree?
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Do I have to have a business administration degree to open up a business?

There is no particular degree that you need to open a business of your own. No you not have to have a Business administration degree to open a business but however there is other things that might need to be done before you can open a business

Can you create your own business without a degree?

Anybody can start their own business without a degree. You do not need a degree to create your own business.

What is the difference between an associates degree and a Bachelors degree?

The difference is an associates degree is a step below a bachelors. A bachelor's degree is a degree that will stand out on its own as being relevant and primary where as an associates degree will only be used as a reference for "just in case" moments.

If you want to open up you'r own business what do you have to do what degree do you need and does it need a little bit of maths please answer?

What kind of business?

What college degree is needed to own a business?

None. You don't need a college degree to own a business.

What business job receive with an assosiates degree?

What degree do you receive in Own business?

What can you do with a associates degree in Interior Design?

You can work for an interior design firm as an assistant. You can also start your own business in interior design. You could work for an architecture firm as well.

Can you get a degrees in having your own business?

Entrepreneurship isn't necessarily a degree in itself. However, a degree in business administration will help. This degree gives a person the tools and resources in knowing how to own a business.

If you wanted to open your own spa would you need to be majored in business?

No degree is required to own or operate any business by law, though certifications must be obtained and are usually industry specific.

How many years of law school do you have to complete to open your own business?

You do not need to complete law school to open your own business. If you plan on starting law school, you should plan on finishing it. It is not worth the money to stop with half a law degree. A degree in business would be more helpful than a law degree if you wanted to start your own business. Most business degrees are well rounded and will educate you in accounting, economics, finance, law, management, and other information useful for business people. ============================================================================== Presumably, when you refer to "your own business" you are referring to opening a law practice. The number of years required to open a law practice is no more or less than the number of years required to practise law in your jurisdiction.

What business degree do you need to run your own business?

You do not need any business degree let alone any college to start your own business. All college will do is delay the speed of your success.

How long does it take to get a degree from a contractors school?

You need a contractors license, not a degree to open your own business. The license is crucial in this field, here is a website for more information :

How long do you have to go to culinary school?

I'm personally going to go for 2 or three years and then I am going to go to get my business degree at the university of Kentucky and get the culinary degree at art institutes. Out of all the websites I've checked it seems that the more culinary training you have the better chef you will be. but if you want to open your own shop then you'll also have to get a business degree. So I would say about two years if you want an associates degree and then a business degree or four years if you want to be a chef and work and be employed. That's just what I would think and what most of other people would agree.

Work For Yourself?

There are many ways to use a spa management degree. One of the things you can do is open your own business. You can find someone who has a degree in the same course and have a business together in order to serve more people and make more money. You can also work for a business that employees workers with a spa degree.

What degrees do you need to be a business person?

Pretty much any degree that relates to business, plus u dont need a degree to be a business persone. You can own/start a business and the does not require a degree.

What does it take to get an associate's degree in Entrepreneurship?

The associates degree will take between 60 and 64 credits to complete, depending on state mandate and program of study. I personally have never heard of a degree in entrepreneurship. However, most community colleges do have associate of applied science (AAS) degrees in business management, which should give you the necessary tools to start your own business.

If you owned your own business and got a bachelor's degree how much more would you make a year?

If you own your own business, your earning potential would be up to you, your expertise, and abilities to run your business in the most proficient, efficient, and productive way. Certainly, the bachelor's degree should enhance your abilities, especially if your degree is related to your business.

how do i ger information on gov't grants for women to open their own business?

Visit the yellowpages to get the information on gov't grants for women to open their own business

Is a business degree helpful for a general contractor?

A business degree is slightly helpful for a general contractor but not required. A business degree would help the contractor conduct some of his own business and have more knowledge over the the topic

Do you have to go to college for business management?

yes, you need an degree to be in business management. what you do not need an degree for is opening your own business. something of that sort you would only need an business lience!

How do you open your own outpatient detox clinic?

Get a degree in addiction

Do you need points to open your own business?

Of course!

Is it hard to start your own repo business?

Any business is hard work to open so a repo business would be hard to open as well.

Would getting a business degree help you to own your own business?

One of the top reasons why businesses fail in today's market is little or no formal education in business.

How do you set up a bakery in Sims 2 Open For Business?

You have to start your own business