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Can you overcome shutter delay?

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Most digital cameras, unfortunately, have some shutter delay. Shutter delay is the time between when the shutter release is pressed and when the image is actually captured. Shutter delay becomes more of a nuisance when you are taking action shots or even portraits. The split second difference could mean missing the winning catch at a football game or your baby�s first smile. The best way to find out about a camera�s shutter delay is to try out the camera at the store or review product review web sites. Many people will report on the shutter delay or offer tips for reducing it.

One tip for overcoming shutter delay is to set your camera to continuous mode (if your camera has this mode). You hold down the shutter-release button as the camera takes a rapid succession of shots.

Additional Tip. On most cameras press down the shutter half way so the camera focuses and sets up the picture (exposure etc), keep the shuuter release at this position until the subject is how you want it then press the shutter all the way. Most camera shutter delay is because it takes time to focus the camera and set up the electronics. The shutter will not operate until all this has finished. That why you can miss your shot.

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