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i doubt it. I don't think rubbing alcohol will do anything, except ask for a re-test.

if you want to pass the drug test for THC. drinks LOTS of water (tea is supposedly better for flushing it out) (just don't drinks lots of water in one go, you can get water poisoning, but drink lots of water thru out the day) and on the day of your urine test, drinks even more water, and take a b-complex supplement. the b-complex makes your urine more yellow, so they don't think it's really diluted with water.

drinking water doesn't flush THC out of your system, but it makes it dilute in your test. because, you don't fail the test if you have a bit of THC in your system, it's to avoid some false positives, there's a threshold. So you need to dilute your urine, so that the THC concentration in your urine is less than the threshold.

and avoid giving your first urine of the day because your THC concentration is the highest after you sleep. If it's in the morning, wake up a couple hours earlier, and drink water, so you piss a couple of times before you give your urine.

good luck

this is from pass experience and research (when i needed to pass)

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Q: Can you pass a drug test by putting rubbing alcohol in the urine?
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