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Can you patch a hole in an above-ground pool when there is water in it?


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Yes, if you know where the hole is. Walmart has a patch kit for underwater repair. Last year they were $5.95 - 4"x4" patch, cement, instructions. I am sure pool shops offer this too if you feel better about buying products there.

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There are several pool patch kits available at your local pool dealer...if the hole is not too big than this should work. It works under water.

Yes you can but you want to balance your chemicals Even Better! You don't have to drain the pool to patch it at all, unless it's a ghastly large hole. The local pool store should offer an "underwater" vinyl patch repair kit for about $10. The patch can be prepared and epoxy/adhesive applied above water and then placed on the hole UNDER the water! No need to empty and dry out the pool at all! I was able to do this when my brand new 12' x 3' Quick Set pool showed a leak as soon as it was filled!

I guess the answer really depends on how big and deep the hole is. Cracks, holes and tiles can be repaired using all purpose waterproof cement. I have used a product by Leslies Swimming Pool Suplies called "Patch It". Not only does Patch It easily patch the hole, it can be applied underwater without having to drain the pool. Good luck! Magdude1

Concrete, as well as many epoxy mixes will harden underwater. Someone needs to be IN the water to properly apply the patch material.

Drain the water to below the level of the leak, and let it dry. Glue a patch over the hole, and let it dry according to the directions in the patch repair kit. Refill pool and enjoy swimming.

Yes, pool companies sell "Under Water Cement" and patch kits. If you hole is bigger than the usual patch, ask the pool company to sell you a piece of used liner.

look for water coming out of the pool? after you find water on the outside of the pool take a red food color on the inside ans squeeze it in the area and when you see the color being sucked to the wall and disappear there it is and you can get a under water pool patch kit at home depot for about 6 dollars.... Hope this helps you out

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Probably not. You would at least have to stop water getting through the leak to the part where you intend to do the repair otherwise the water will just stop the patch from sticking. If its a small hole try putting a suction cup over it on the inside to stop the water.

Depending on the size of the hole and the type of pool will determine whether it can be fixed. In a lot of cases patching a simple hole is no problem. Calling your pools manufacturer is a good idea to see what options you have available.

Use a needless syringe and fill with a dark food coloring, release over area of suspected leak. If there is a hole in liner, the food coloring will disappear through the leak, otherwise it will float away. In a deeper area you will need equipment to go under the water. Once the leak is detected, use underwater patch material found at pool supply company. Cut patch about two inches larger than hole in liner and center over hole, smooth patch flat.

dig a hole and put water in it

You simply use a pool liner patch kit and repair the hole, even if underwater. I recommend a Boxer Brand with #100 glue, that works the best. Most pool stores carry Boxer brand repair kit. Once you locate the hole, make sure the liner is clean, cut a round patch, apply glue to the patch, book the patch like you would wall paper, go underwater and apply patch over hole, wait a few seconds for the glue to set up and make sure you have the patch firmly attached to the liner over the hole. If you have a small pc of the patch not sticking, like an edge, you can put a little glue on your finger swim down to the patch and wipe the glue on the area not sticking and it will allow you to re-glue the edge as necessary. if the water is too cold and you can't get in the pool, you can try a Ziploc bag with sand in to place over the hole as a temporary stopgap. (make sure you get all the air out.) I have done this with one of my customers after a storm blew something in a pool after a storm and It held all winter. Let me know if you have need additional information. good luck.

patching a liner is perfectly ok as long as the liner is not to old as they become brittle and glue does not stick to well - the hole is on a seam which makes it a nightmare to get the patch to seal. a patch kit can be purchased from your pool shop, dive in give hole a little abrade with 400 grit paper get out, cut your patch into a circle apply glue and fold patch. dive in and unfold patch and apply to area pressing out all air. job done - dont vac patch for a week or so. good luck Baz HIGH FIBRE GRP

i have a small rust stain and small hole on outside half way down the pool wall will my hole be right there.it only makes sense to me.the water has drained down just past that mark.should i patch it there or use the food colouring to make sure.

Put water proof tape around it and put the inlets around the pool.

Well, usually in a pool mattress there is a hole where you pump air into. If you undo the cap on the hole and flip the mattress upside down then the water should come out.

Go to your nearest pool store and ask them for a vinyl repair kit. They are pretty cheap. Bring a water sample with you. Most pool stores will test your water for free. When you get home with the kit, open it up. It will contain a piece of clear vinyl and some glue. Cut a piece of the patch material that will cover the hole and about an inch around it. Then put glue on one side of the patch, cover it completely then fold the patch in half. Go under the water to the hole. Unfold the patch and quickly push the patch down over the hole. Stand up and stand on the patch for a minute. If the hole is to big for the patch kit, you are going to need a new liner. Folding the patch in half keeps the water from getting to the glue. The previous answer to this question is almost word for word what's printed on the box that this vinyl patch kit is sold in. (for $12.00 in my area...more than a tad over-priced!) The vinyl in this particular kit is very thin, and I wouldn't trust it for much more than a pin-sized hole. Better to ask your dealer to order a patch kit for you right from the manufacturer of your particular pool. The patch kit is certain to be a heavier grade vinyl that the "off the shelf" repair kit. Be sure to follow the manufacturer's instructions exactly for best results. I also bought this kit and followed the steps outlined above. After five tries (I used all the vinyl in the repair kit) the patch would not adhere to the liner. As soon as I unfolded the patch under water, the adhesive turned white and lost its stickiness. I am wondering if this is because I use Baquacil instead of chlorine. The repair kit does say to not use soap, which is technically what Baquacil is. If anyone has insight into this, or another repair method, please let me know. I had two 1mm holes in the side of my pool. I tried the other methods and the decided to use a spare piece of pool plastic (was attached to the air inlet) and araldite (strong adhesive). I used the vinyl patch to reduce the water-flow from the inside ( the stickiness has gone so had to hold it), dried the surface and then stuck the araldite patch to the outside. I held for a few moments and it stopped the leak.

patch the hole first then let it set. Take the back of your foot and try to smooth out the liner after the patch dries for 24 hours.

First, find the leak. Using a vinyl patch kit, cut a patch that is an inch bigger than the hole. Make sure the spot is dry. Apply the glue around the hole and place the patch over it. Seal the patch with more glue. Allow the glue to dry for several hours.

You can fix a balloon type pool with a patch. Most of these pools come with a patch. If not, you can purchase one at a pool outlet. All you have to do is put some glue on one side of the patch and attach it to the pool. Press hard and allow the patch to dry.

you can tell if there's a hole in your above ground pool because all of your water will be pouring out of your pool and by morning, well..... lets just say you'll be saying, bye bye pool! :(

plaster can NOT be pacthed but vinyl you could patch them with a kit but otherwise you have to buy another pool

You can't ... since the above ground pool is made of vinyl material, you need to apply a vinyl patch. Has to be a like material to be compatible.

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