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it depends what card u have

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Can I buy gift certificates to virginmobile.com?

"Yes, Virgin Mobile does offer gift cards that can be redeemed for minutes or data plans on the pay as you go phones. I had a virgin mobile phone and it worked pretty good."

Can you pay 25 on any Android phone for virgin mobile?

Ok If You Been A Member For Virgin Mobile B4 July And Had The $25.00 Plan You Can Transfer Your Account To Any Virgin Mobile Phone And Still Have That Plan !! It Dont Matter If Its Any Virgin Mobile... And If Been A Member After July Then You Pay $35.00,$45.00 kr $55.00....(: Hope It Help

Is the Virgin Mobile Wildcard Mobile Phone a pay as you go phone?

yes it is a pay as you go phone you can use the kickback code gives you $20 in your account yJHeopwD never expires

What is a cheap phone that does not require a time commitment?

Two good phone companies are Virgin Mobile and Boost Mobile. With Virgin you can pay per minute and pay per text while with Boost you pay a low flat rate with no time commitment.

Is a mobile pay as you go better that a cell phone plan?

Virgin Mobile, T-Mobile, and Boost Mobile all have a mobile pay as you go plan. Sometimes, it can be better than a cell phone plan because you only pay when you use it.

Do pay as you go phones work abroad?

It depends on the company and the plan. For example, a U.S. Virgin Mobile pay-as-you-go phone will not work in Canada, even though Virgin Mobile also has pay-as-you-go service in Canada.

Are there any cheap mobile phone plans with no contract?

Some Cheap mobile phone plans with no contract include Net10, Family Mobile, Go Phone and Pay Lo for basic phones. Virgin Mobile and Boost offer cheap plans for smartphones.

What is the best pay as you go phone brand?

The best Pay-as-you-go phone brand would always be depend on the user's preferences. The following are some Pay-as-you-go phone brand which are mostly recommended by users; AT&T GoPhone - Samsung A157 No-Contract Mobile Phone black, Virgin Mobile-LG Optimus Elite No-Contract Mobile Phone white, and Boost Mobile-LG Venice No-Contract Phone-black.

What are some cheap pay as you go mobile phones?

Research has shown that there are a wide range of cheap pay as you go mobile phone plans. It is not believed that there are specific phones for pay as you go but rather there are a variety of company plans that offer this service for a variety of mobile phones. Some good pay as you go phone services are through T-Mobile, Virgin Mobile and AT&T.

Is Virgin Mobile a pay as you go phone?

You can select a month to month plan or buy a set number of minutes

Are virgin mobile phones pay as you go?

This is tricky. Some vigin mobile phones are pay as you go, but some are not. It depends on the type of phone and the type of plan you sign up for when buying it.

How do you get free Virgin mobile top up card numbers?

The top-up card for a pay-as-you-go mobile is supplied with the phone when you buy it. If you lose the card - you need to contact Virgin, who will send you a replacement.

From where can one purchase Nokia pay as you go mobile phones?

You can purchase a Nokia pay as you go mobile phone from Rogers, Bell, and Virgin. You can also go to a third party supplier, such as Future Shop or Best Buy and get a prepaid mobile phone from them to use on one of the cellular networks.


You can top-up a Virgin (or any other) mobile phone - at ant retailer displaying the green top-up logo. For Virgin mobile - simply pay at the till. They'll give you a receipt with a unique code on it. You can either call 789 to top up by phone - or text the unique voucher PIN to 789111 to top up by text.

What are some contract mobile phones?

Virgin Mobile has a nice contract mobile phone for not a lot of money. These types of phones you just pay by the usage and prepay for the use that you think you'll need.

Can you pay your phone bill at radio shack?

Yes it depends on what carrier you have. I have Virgin Mobile and i successfully paid my bill at radio shack.

Where can I get a pay as you go phone?

You can get a pay as you go phone from nearly every national carrier. There are also carriers solely made for pay as you go customers. There is Virgin Mobile, At&t, Verizon, Sprint, and Alltel are the most commonly bought pay as you go phone on the market right now.

Does virgin mobile usa offers better deals than their competitors?

Virgin Mobile offers as good a deal as their leading competitors. It depends on what you want in your phone service as to what you will pay. It's best to shop around and compare the differentn packages.

What is the cheapest cell phone service?

Well, the cheapest regular Celluar service, I have no clue. But I think, you should consider buying a Pay-As-You-Go Phone such as Virgin Mobile. I currently have a Virgin Mobile Marbl, and it's so awesome, and cheap. Virgin Mobile lets you choose between a monthly unlimited plan, or a Pay-as-You-Go plan. Phones start at 9-85 dollars, and it costs $20 for service every 90 days! :D www.virginmobileusa.com

Who needs to pay a mobile phone tariff?

Anyone using a mobile phone needs to pay a mobile phone tariff. The tariff comes in the form of payment when one purchases Pay As You Go, Contract and SIM, etc.

Can boost gave you free min card?

Boost Mobile can give you free cards with minutes on it, but this is up to them. Boost Mobile is a cell phone service that is pay by the minute based.

Can you use a pre paid international calling card from a mobile phone?

Yes you can just like you can use it with your home phone or a public pay phone. Just check out for the rates since it may vary from the rate when you use the standard phone or the pay phone. I recommend that you check this and see what it can offer for mobile phone users that concerns calling cards. http://www.pingo.com/

What is the best pay as you go cellular service?

The best cellular service that is pay as you go is either from Virgin Mobile or Boost mobile

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