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Q: Can you pick your pecans off of the tree when they r still green?
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How do pecans grow?

Pecans grow first, from seeds. Then, the tree grows from the ground when it has enough water for it to grow. Finally, the pecans grow at the tip of the pecan tree, when the pecans get to heavy they fall to the ground where somebody might set on it or pick it up and eat it

Can you pick green pecans before the squirrels get to them and let them dry inside?

No, They will dry up and be wasted. Juast shoot the squirrls or put a plastic Owl up in the pecan tree, it does help keep the squirrls away. Move it around once in awhile though.

Is it safe to eat pecans from the tree?


There is pecan tree at your work but the pecans are small Are they still good to eat?

Yea they are still good to eat. They are probably small due to lack of water in the spring.

Are pecans thar fall off the tree in August any good?

Pecans that fall are ripe. This is why they fall.

Where does pecans grow a pecan tree?

At the tip of the branch. :-)

Can pecans cause allergy?

Yes, pecans are tree nuts and are recognized as being one of the more common food allergies.

What do you do if your pecan tree does not produce pecans?

Most likely you only have one pecan tree. Plus there a probably no other pecan trees nearby. Your pecan tree has to have another pecan tree close enough so that they can pollinate. If no pollination occurs, no pecans.

How did people pick the kind of tree to be the Christmas tree?

It had to be green in the depth of winter and keep it's needles on for a reasonable time.

Squirels have knocked pecans off tree. Will pecans ripen off the tree?

Once fully ripened, the hust around the pecan will have dried and opened so that the pecan inside is exposed. At this time, wind, rain, or some other external force causes some of the pecans to fall to the ground. Most will remain attached to the husk until the tree is shaken or a long pole is used to dislodge the pecans. Throwing sticks or rocks (not your spouse) up into the tree works as well .

Is a tree asexual reproduction or sexual reproduction?

Pecans reproduce sexually.

How many pecans does 1 pecan tree produce in a year?

about 100-200